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by - June 02, 2022

Hey Blog Fam,

Trust you’re doing great and following hard after all that the Lord has placed in your heart.

So this week post is cenetered on on of the very core future of human race; children/offspring

Last week Friday, 27th May was the celebration of children’s day all over Nigeria where I currently live, and in one of the mail from my banks, they mentioned endless possibilities and it took me back memory lane for sure.

I remembered that small girl growing on the streets of Lagos who at age three was taken to a school so that she could stop disturbing the house which in Yoruba parlence is called (Jeleosimi).

I vaguely remember how we (my twin sister and I) started a proper primary school and how when I got to primary 4 at age 9, my headmistress offered to give me a double promotion to Junior Secondary School 1 (JSS1) to which my parents refused wanting me to go through the normal process, then I finished primary school, moved to secondary school where I had to barb my long hair at age 10. 

I can still almost hear the reactions of neighbours who expressed their displeasure that my mom will agree to cut such a full and long hair which was what my twin sister and I had back then.

My strong-willed nature came to play in my teenage years, and there were some weeks that I was flogged by my mom every other day. I was very strong-willed. I scaled through the secondary school phase and then went to the university. 

For my university education, I initially wanted to go very far away from home so I could fulfill all those teenage fantasies that I had in my mind. Being a pastor’s child, I was a little restricted from doing some things and I had the mind to explore all of those things.

Thank God I didn’t gain admission to the first school I wrote Post-UTME in which was located in the eastern part of Nigeria.

The JAMB I wrote the year after landed me in Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), where I studied Microbiology and met the most amazing set of people on earth, many of whom still remain in my inner circle till today. 

It was from this school that the trajectory of my life changed for the better, I began to know God for myself beyond just being a pastor’s daughter. I met Christian friends, learnt Christian dicplines, was privileged to serve in some capacities in the university fellowship where I attended; Gospel Student Fellowship (GSF) which I believe it is still the best Christian fellowship on campus. Just joking though, I believe God is anywhere we choose to worship, just that the story of my life will not be  complete without mentioning this great fellowship.

Why did I take you down this memory lane?

Just to point out that for every child you have access to today, there is an endless possibility ahead of them which you might never begin to imagine.

I look at myself today in the almost three decades that I have lived and I can not almost believe that I have achieved this level of growth in my life. I look back at the times when I was been flogged for doing one wrong or the other, and It makes me aware more than ever before that no child should ever be written off as no good.

When you see an adult, that adult has already gotten to where he is going, there is not so much that can really change about such adult, but with a child, there is so much that can happen.

My advice to you as we go through life is that for every child within your circle of influence, ensure that you do the best that you can for them. Give them the gift of your time, give them the gift of counsel.

I know how easy it is to see a child who is going on a wrong path and you write them off as no good, but consistently resit that urge. Sow the seeds of prayer in their lives, as often as you can, path with some of your money to better the lives of the children around you.

Every child you see today will become an adult tomorrow, and you can make history by your contribution into the life of that child. 

There is an endless possibility to what these little ones of today can become tomorrow, sow into the future. They will be better people for what you will do, and you will not be forgotten.

Hope you enjoyed reading a part of my story, and I trust this inspires you to do more for the children around you.


There is so much light***

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