One Mistake You Should Not Make In Your Career

by - May 19, 2022

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Trust we are all doing great and following hard after all that the Lord has placed in our hearts.

So today's post is centered on career, so the career professionals should get in here, and if you aren't in the corporate world yet, do keep reading because you'll learn a thing or two.

Without further ado, let's get into today's post.


Recently at work, some people were interviewed for some openings within the firm I work with. After the interview, the interviewers deliberated and sorted out some names of those who they felt were qualified for the position. 

The shortlisted people were all contacted on the next stage of the employment process which will be for them to submit their credentials and certificates.

It was at this stage that it was detected that one of these prospective employees claimed he had a degree he did not have and so could not produce when it was required.

Seeing this man loose out of the opportunity was such a humbling moment for me.

This was a personnel who had already scale through the interview process, what was left was for him to submit his documents, have them verified and then be accepted into the company, but he missed out on all of these because he claimed to have a certificate he didn't have.

By now, you should have guessed the mistake you should not make in your career, but if you are still thinking of what it is, then it is the fact that you should be honest on your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Even during all the interviewing process, only state what your true strengths are.

I know we are in a world that has told us that when you are asked if you can do something, say yes first and then go and learn how to do it, but this is not same with the information you give to a prospective employer. Be sincere with where you are even as you communicate that you are willing to learn the needed skills you do not posses at the moment. 

Don't claim to have a degree you don't have. 

Don't claim to have worked in a place where you have never worked. 

Don't claim that you are an expert in a skill while you are only a beginner. 

Stay true to yourself and to who you are per time.

One of my co-workers who was in the know of the guy's case mentioned that, If you are not proud of the degree/qualification you currently have, nothing stops you from enrolling to get a higher degree or certification in your line of profession, but don't ever lie to be who you are not.

I read of a lady who claimed she was an excellent driver while in truth she was a learner, and by the time she got the job, she was required to travel with the official car, she had an accident that could have been avoided if she were to be a professional, and although she came back to the office in one piece, that signaled the end of her job, because the management felt that if she could have lied about her ability to drive, then there was no limit to what she could have lied about to. 

Doctoring your skills is not a strength, others might do it and not get caught, but just think of all that's at stake when you do get caught. You might get the job and when you are caught be told to leave, or you might even not get the job because of your insincerity whereas if you had been true to your current degree you might have got the job without any hassle. 

Any employer that won't accept you at the level you truly are now don't need you on their team, there are others whom your current level will be all they need even as you make progress in your getting more certifications and experience. 

Be comfortable with stating the skills you currently have even as you forge ahead professionally. 

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work-in-progress at the same time (I learnt this statement in a book; She's still there by Chrystal Hurst, I hope I'll be able to review the book soon on the Blog).

At all times, keep staying true to yourself.

Here's to greater advancement in your career.

There's so much light ***



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