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Hey BlogFam,

Trust we're all doing great and following hard after all that the Lord has placed in our hearts.

Today's post will be on the books I read in the just concluded month, without further ado, let's jump right into it.

1. Parenting Isn't For Cowards By Dr James Dobson

As the name implies, this is a book on parenting, and while I am not a parent yet but I will be one in no distant time by God's grace, and it is only wise that I start equipping myself with the right knowledge.

Unlike all the other books I read in April, I didn't start reading this book in April, in fact, I rolled it over from January to February to March before finally finishing it in April.

Lessons Learnt;

- No two children are the same, so I owe my children the responsibility of understanding each of them and treating them based on this understanding. There is a way to raise a compliant child and there is a way to raise a strong-willed child, and I am to learn all that is involved in raising them based on their uniqueness.

- While I am going to be a parent from when I give birth to my first child till my last day on earth if Christ tarries, active parenting isn't going to be for life. There will be a season when I can wield all my authority over my child, but as the child grows up, I am to release the reins gradually after which I am to finally release the grown child. There is nothing more dangerous than a parent exercising authority on a grown child.

- At every point in time, the child must always know who the parent is, especially in their formative years. I am not to be a coward. I am to show affection when I should and discipline when I should too. 

2. Digital Minimalism By Cal Newport 

I mentioned this book in an earlier post about utilizing the time you spend on social media well.

This book was recommended by CoachE' and oh my God, it really opened my eyes to a new way of using my devices and most especially the online world.

Lessons Learnt;

- In the social media world, the user of the services is only a product to them, they want to trap my attention as much as possible and sell it to their customers. 

- While I might not be able to totally eliminate the use of social media from my life, I can to a large extent control the time I spend on it. Deliberately controlling the time spent on these sites will help free up more time that is needed to devote to my top goals.

- For every point in time, I am to make sure I am the one using social media to advance my life, and not just joining the statistics who are mindlessly scrolling through the various newsfeeds.

3. A Single Lady And Her Dreams By Ife Grace

I purchased this book on her Blog, and it was a good buy.

She chronicled some of her life's journey chapter by chapter.

Lessons Learnt;

- I can not expect to really grow only by consuming free content or resources. She mentioned the struggle she experienced while trying to pay for a course, how she overcame that struggle, as well as the growth she has experienced just by the virtue of paying for that course. While free contents are good, to really grow at an optimum level, I will have to invest my resources to gain knowledge.

- I can not choose to wait till I am married before I am happy. Even in my single days, I should be happy and go all out in doing the things that make me happy.

- I am to prioritize my relationship with Jesus. The essence of my life fully rests on my relationship with the Lord.

- Putting structures in my life is important as I need them to fully optimize my productivity. A big NO to doing things haphazardly.

- Journalling is very important. I did a post on the power of journaling, you can read that here.

4. Divine Disruption By Tony Evans, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans and Jonathan Evans

Oh My God!

This book is such a refreshing read. It was really worth the time.

This book came as a result of the death of the mother of the house; Lois Evans who went home to be with the Lord in December, 2019.

Tony Evans is a patriarch of faith, and the fact that he is the biological father of Priscilla Shirer; the war room star actress takes his points higher.

Lessons Learnt;

- Legacy Is Key. I love how they are a family of God, this family and even the generation before and after them are all sold out to the Lord. It's so beautiful to see a family of God, all fully sold out to the Lord.

- The mother of the house holds things together. I love how both Tony (the father of the house), as well as the children, mentioned again and again what a solid support Lois was both to her husband; supporting him in ministry, and her children when they became parents.

- I learned that the seemingly small things I am doing in my life today are preparing me for the big things of life tomorrow. I loved when Priscilla mentioned that her mother's journal in the days when all she was doing was changing diapers formed a bedrock for the books she later wrote in life. 

- I learnt to keep trusting God. There will be times my prayers will get answered in the way I want, and other times it won't go that way, but in all, God can be trusted and he is a good Father. This statement coming from a family that has experienced so many losses is such a welcome thing, they definitely know what they are talking about. I will also be here, trusting God. 

I definitely can not exhaust all the lessons 1learnt from the four books I read in April, but I trust you have been able to learn a thing or two.

There is so much light***

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