It’s Another Year...

by - April 07, 2022

Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we are doing great and following hard after all that God has placed in our hearts.

Today’s post is a life update.

So, on the 5th Of April of every year, I celebrate my birth anniversary, and the Tuesday of this week was another celebration, and oh boy, my joy this year was on another level.

God has consistently remained so good to me; he has been so so so kind to me.

I remember how at my last birthday celebration, I was in a very dark season, I had put a substantial amount of money into a business that went bad( almost 7-digits) and my birthday wasn’t such a happy day for me especially because I still had to refund the money amongst other things.

I look back now at where I was last year, and where I currently am, and I can proudly say that God has been so good.

Anyone looking at my life now might be tempted to think that I now have life all rosy, yes it is rosy by God’s grace (I love confessing positive all the time because I have learned that I will have whatever it is I say), but then I still have my share of this and that.


The morning of my birthday celebration came bearing the result of an examination I had earlier written this year. I passed some of my courses and I have to re-sit some of the courses too. But regardless of whatever result I might have, God is good, regardless!

I am reaching a place in my walk with God where I am finally coming to judge God faithful regardless of my current situation.

When my life is going the way I envisaged and love, God is Good.

When my life is going in a way that I didn’t really plan and it looks like I am being seemingly delayed, God is Good!

I am finally getting to a place where I am choosing to judge God faithful and I am so maintaining my God-given joy irrespective of the current situation.

So that is what we are doing this year, judging God to be faithful!

I do hope that you can inculcate this habit in your personal life too, and judge God to be faithful. Don’t allow the current situation of things to make you think otherwise.

God remains on the throne, and it is so well with you.

Choose Joy!


There Is So Much Light***


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