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Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we are all doing great and following hard after all that the Lord has placed in our hearts.

To all my female-readers, trust you had a wonderful celebration of the International Women's Day.

And as a way of celebrating with the  #IWD, this post is dedicated to the women!


As a lady there is this great feeling that comes with having a beautiful face that draws comments from people, and it even goes higher when you as a person know you look good. There is usually this temptation to devote time and energy to making sure no hair is out if its place and that you’re always on fleek all of the time.

Beautiful ladies are all over the place and with the increase in skin products where you can have any desired skin type; the job has really gotten easier, and it seems the goal of every lady is to be beautiful on the outside while leaving every other aspect of life lacking. 

Looking good in itself is not a crime, buying skin product for your body, investing in exfoliating cream and other skin product to make the skin look better is not the challenge, but it becomes a crime when other aspect of life is left unattended to.

Recently a friend of mine celebrated his birthday, I called him to felicitate with him, at some point I asked him how he celebrated his birthday, he told me his cousin got married and that was where he spent his day. Coincidentally, I also know a lady who was getting married that same day and it happened to be that it was the same lady we were both talking about.

I didn’t know when I said 'your cousin has hit jackpot' and I sincerely meant it. While that statement is not because of the beauty of the lady or her parent’s social status, it was neck deep on the personality of the lady is herself.

There are some people that upon hearing they are getting married or they just got married, you just summarize in your heart that their spouse has hit raw gold, because knowing what you know about them, you can almost see how great the future will be with God on their side.

Now to the beautiful lady, in what ways are you allowing yourself to be groomed that when people hear you are getting married they can't help but envy that lucky man.

In what ways are you also allowing yourself to be groomed that it won't just be about what others are saying but the man himself will know he has hit jackpot.

I know the epistle according to most people is to look beautiful on the outside because that is what most people see first, but with the beautiful face, what else are you adding?

It's great to have a beautiful face and a body figure that is great, but asides that what else will you be bringing to the table?

Just like being a virgin alone as at the time of marriage is no guarantee that a marriage will be successful (this is not to water down virginity AT ALL) and because virginity alone cannot sustain a marriage does not mean we have to lose our sexual purity stand. But just like you have to add somethings to your being a virgin (if you're one) so also you need to add somethings to your beautiful face. 

Let me share three things you can add to your beautiful face that is guaranteed to make you stand out now, and also in the future.

1. Add Virtue & Character

Being virtuous has little to do with a beautiful face and more to with the intrinsic parts of who that person is beyond the face value.

It's so disheartening to see that it’s almost as though the more beautiful a lady is, the less virtuous she tends to be, and this is due to the fact that she believes that there is nothing her beauty can't give to her and the beauty can also allow her ride roughshod on others without caring whose horse is gored.

Be virtuous, don't pretend to be virtuous, but you can start imbibing this culture into your daily life.

The Bible has given us a breakdown of a virtuous woman; check it out in Prov 31:10-31

Check the number of times when she did other things and then the times she devoted to her physical appearance. You'll be surprised it's a whopping ratio of 20:1.

This shows the importance of virtue.

Go out of your way to do things for people below your status

Help not just an eligible suitor but one who doesn't even look eligible

Be a woman of solid character.

Ever seen a beautiful woman shouting at a restaurant attendant before or a young lady insulting an elderly person in public, I'm pretty sure at the moment you wouldn't really how beautiful she is but how much she lacks character.

And like they say, character cannot be hidden for too long, just like smoke; it has its way of always coming out of its hiding place

2. Add Knowledge

Be knowledgeable, asides your beautiful face, what else do you know about?

Asides drawing of eyebrows and adding lipstick on the mouth, know what is going on inside of you.

Know what is going on in the career path you are treading, know a little about politics, know a little about investment, know a little about real estate, know a little about what it takes to buy a land and build upon it, know a little about cars, know a little about venturing into a new business, know a little about parenting, know a little about keeping a home, know a little about managing people, just keep learning.

Just a little here and a little there, before you know it, you’ll be able to hold intellectual conversation with people. Don’t just be an extremely woman with little or nothing in her brain.

I heard about a man who was married to an extremely beautiful woman, there was no doubt about the woman’s beauty at all, after a while, there was a dinner party organized by his company and he was given ticket for two. He had no challenge bringing his wife because he was sure other guys within the company were definitely going to praise him for marrying such a beautiful woman, the only challenge he knew he was going to have was when she opened her mouth to talk. He knew how shallow she was in her thinking. She was extremely beautiful on the outside but wasn’t knowledgeable on the inside.

Asides the joy it would bring to your spouse, it will help better your life in no small way too.

You don’t want to be that type of woman who can not hold an intelligent conversation except the trending film on Netflix.

Know something about many things.

3. Add the fear of God

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

It isn't enough to just have a beautiful face, but with the beautiful face, have a great passion for the Lord.

Have you ever considered how much asset your beauty is to the kingdom?

Through your beauty, you can even bring in people to the church, they'll approach you because of the beautiful face you have, they'll follow you to church for that same reason, and then the king of the kingdom will then take them for himself.

Love God, love him with a reckless abandon both in your closet and in the public. Don't be too beautiful to be associated with Him. You didn’t make yourself, He made you that beautiful.

Trust God and not your beautiful face. If you're unmarried, ask him for a man your beautiful face won't be able to give you.

The beauty itself will diminish with time, it is fleeting.

Ever seen a woman of 80 years before? I'm sure no man would want to woo her, so also, you'll become like that one day, what will be left.

What else would you be able to give your home and the world at large by the time the face is all wrinkled?

I read about a story some years back, and one of the characters in that story was an old woman, she only wasn’t old but was even still serving as a spiritual pillar for her granddaughter as well as a mentor for a CEO, now that’s the kind of woman I want to be and that is what the scriptures promise us.

Psalm 92: 14

They will still bear fruit in old age; they will stay fresh and green

With your beautiful face, add Character, Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord. 

There Is So Much Light***

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