You Are The One For The Job

by - February 10, 2022

Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we are all doing great and following hard after all the Lord has placed in our hearts.

So today’s post will be centered on the second line of the intro line.

What has the Lord placed in your heart, that you are following hard after?

I know this is a very difficult conversation to have because it is easy for us to be able to get to our core while we are running here and there trying to put food on our table, increase our net worth and build strong investment portfolios, invest in cryptocurrency and buy the latest coin, while still trying to look like someone who just walked out of of a magazine, and have our hair on fleek and take beautiful pictures with our significant other with the hashtag #couple goals.

Just writing about it is making me daydream sef.

But while all that has been listed above are great, I believe there is more to life.

Can the reason why you are on earth be to just amass wealth, snap pictures, travel around the world to see exciting places, and birth children. 

Can this be all?

So, if there is anything we are all constantly looking for, it is answers to our questions.

We have endless questions. Questions like;

What is my purpose is for on earth?

How do I fulfill it?

Am I enough?

ReadOne Lie That We Often Believe

While I will not claim to have all the answers to these questions, permit me to share with you some of those things that have helped me in my life journey, tips that have helped me from where I used to be to where I currently am.

So in talking about the job you have to do on earth, there are a few things to note;

1.       1. Start With The Generics

Mike goes to a conference and sees the mighty ways God is using the invited minister; Apostle Nath, he goes back home crying to God to show him that specific thing He will have him do, but Bro Mike has not done prayed in the past week, he is not kind, he does not help the needy, he does not lend a hand of support to the person next door, he does not share the knowledge he has concerning a subject matter with others who aks for it, he doesn't go to church regularly as he is usually tired every Sunday, but our dear brother is continually crying to God to use him.

Are there things you don’t know, you are just like most of us, but rather than focusing on the details you don’t know, do something with the details you know.

What you currently know is enough. Use it well.

Yours might be to be diligent in your church choir, and as you remain diligent there, what God would have you do starts to unfold. A good percentage of the music minstrels that we currently have in the body of Christ today have their roots in singing or playing the instruments in their local assembly while they were much younger, nobody suddenly rises up, it is a process.

Yes, while it might look like God is using some people in some specific dimensions, permit me to inform you that it didn’t start out that way, they were been obedient to the seemingly small instructions, they ensured they were listening for God’s instructions every step of the way, and as they continued in the relationship with Jesus, more of what the Lord will have them do began to unfold.


2.       2. Nothin Happens Without A Relationship With Jesus


Let’s start this point from where we ended the first one, everything starts and ends on our relationship with Jesus.

It is in Him we live, move, and have our being.

There is nothing we want to have or be that can be outside Him.

If you are consistently looking for what role you are to play in the grand scheme of things, you can’t find your answer outside your relationship with Jesus, everything you are looking for has its roots in Him because He alone is the one who sustains all things. 

How is your Bible study life?

How is your prayer life?

All of these things have to be in place first.

You can't dish out food from an empty plate, you have to be full of the Lord yourself before you can give out of that fullness. 


3.      3. You Are Enough

We all have a past.

And while we might not be super proud of those things we have done in times past, we can not allow them to hinder us from what God will have us do in this season.

After we have given our lives to Christ, that does not mean we suddenly forget about all that we have done before accepting the Lordship of Jesus. But even though we were not granted amnesia of all of the wrongdoings of our past, we owe this new life that we have in Christ the need to walk in the newness that we have been granted.

Rather than cringing about why God would want you who have aborted several times to be the one who will be talking to ladies on the need to stay chaste, why not accept it as what  God has called you to do.

Your past doesn’t define you.

You have been bought with a price.

You are no longer the lady who used to sleep around.

You are no longer that guy who couldn’t keep his zipper up and had to sleep with anything in a skirt.

You are no longer the lady who used to spend hours without end watching pornography.

You are no longer the guy who used to masturbate every morning and night.


That lady died when you gave your life to Christ.

That guy died the moment you said Yes to Jesus.


Accept this newness.

It is your reality!


So rather than cringing away from what you feel God is tugging your heart towards, no matter how insignificant you might think it is. Run towards it and embrace it!

Just like the Lord called Moses, you are the one for this Job. You know what job God is calling you to do for him. Please answer Him. 

Will it stretch you? of course yes.

Will it be worth it in the end? A big Yes.


Let me end by asking you this question, God is calling you. Will you answer?


There is so much light***

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