My Thoughts On Times And Seasons

by - February 03, 2022


Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we’re all doing great and following hard after all that the Lord has placed in our hearts.

So today's post is centered on times and seasons, and how they relate to life.

If there is one thing I have come to discover about life, it is the fact that nothing goes forever and some things are forever.

Let me explain.

We have January every year, we had it in the year 1960 even though I was not yet on earth then, we have it in the year 2022 which is the year this post is being published, and we will have January 2095 if Christ tarries. But while this January will keep repeating itself at the beginning of every year, it is not the same January that you will have every year.

A woman who was single in January 2021 will not be that same single lady in January 2022 that just passed a few days ago, though she is still single in January 2022, she is different from who she was in 2021. She did not only increase in age, but the times have also changed. If she had wanted to learn a skill and didn't get to it in January, 2021, she might find it harder to learn it in January 2022 because the dynamics of her life would have been different from what it was the previous year.

January 2021 although the same as another  January in 2022, it is not the same at all.

So in talking about times and seasons, these are my thoughts...


1.         Time Is Dynamic

Time does not wait for anyone, and even if you do nothing with the hours you have, it will still leave.

Recently, I was going through my journal of some years ago, I wrote in one of them how I wanted to start a professional course that year, that particular year passed and I did not do it.

Now, I am in a season where I am wishing I did that professional course when I wrote it, but either I like it or not, that time is past and I can only make do with the present which is mine to possess.

So if you have anything that you’ll like to do, rather than procrastinating it, or leaving it to chance, grab the opportunity and do it Now.

Time waits for no one!


2.           Seasons Change

No today does not mean No forever; I learned this from a beloved teacher of mine.

The fact that you cannot afford to do some things now does not mean you will not be able to do them forever.

The fact that you are denying yourself from buying something now does not mean you will have to deny yourself forever.

And just like seasons change for the positive, also realize that good times have their own downtime too, learning from the story of Pharaoh who had had a dream that the lean cows were swallowing the fat cows, this happens all the time.

Time changes.

And if you are in one of the seasons of downtime, know that another cycle is almost here, and all will change for good.


3.       Focus On Your Focus

Times are different, and there will be different times for different things, so if you are in a certain season where you need to brutally eliminate the things you love to be able do the things that you must do, please do that.

For a working-class man who is studying for another degree, such a man might have to cut down time out with the guys every month, social media time, and even time spent just been idle, doing all of this is to enable such a man really focus on what needs to be focused upon.

Not all times are the same, what you need to focus on in a season will be different from what you will need to focus on in another season, so when you really need to focus, please do so and brutally eliminate anything that is not within your top priorities.

I just wanted to share these thoughts with you, so that as you go through this year, whatever you want to do should be done now, don't procrastinate, don't postpone to tomorrow what you can do today.

Let us part with this word today;

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is so much light***

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