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by - February 24, 2022


Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we’re all doing great and following hard after all that the Lord has placed in our hearts.

So today’s post is a continuation of last week's post to guys, so if you missed that, kindly click on this link to read it before going ahead with today’s Blogpost.

So we ended last week's post on training the male-child as much as the female-child, because the male-child you do not train, will frustrate your efforts over the female child you trained if they end up getting married to themselves, or even have reasons to be together.  And for guys who haven’t been trained, now is also a good time to start training yourself.

So in today’s post, we’ll be talking about the three dimensions that everyman should develop himself, I have heard several people talk about these three dimensions and I will only be expounding on them in today's post. Kindly follow through...


       1. Your Dimension As A Husband

Except for the guys who have chosen that they will be unmarried till death, if you belong to this class, then this might not concern you. But if you know in a place in your heart, that one day in no distant time, you will carry somebody’s daughter home as a wife then you have to start equipping yourself to function in the capacity of a husband.

Beyond the beautiful pictures you will get to snap with your beautiful damsel who will be wearing white on your wedding day, have you ever thought of how you intend to husband her. And this goes beyond just the title husband. 

Beyond the macho physique, you will be expected to be responsible for this life that you will be bringing to join your life.

Responsibility will be the order of the day in that new season of life, no wonder when a man gets newly married, he is said to have joined the clique of the responsible men. Does this mean that the single guys are irresponsible? Of course not, it just goes to show that the married man is supposed to show a higher level of responsibility.

Do you have to wait till you are married before showing that responsible part of you? The answer to this is NO.

You can begin your rehearsals with your siblings, your friends, your parents, and the list continues.

The person you will be when you will get married will not be any different from the person you are now except if you start doing things differently.

How do you care for your younger siblings? 

Do female colleagues feel safe around you? 

Are you the one who is so critical and judgmental that no one wants to come around you?

Do you genuinely care for people around you?

The above are some of the questions you need to answer.

You don’t have to wait to be a husband before being a husband, just like you don't have to wait till you become a wife before being a wife.

Asides from being physically intimate which is solely reserved for your lawfully wedded spouse, let your life shows that you are a husband-material.

Kindly note that your husband-materialness should be shown with boundaries too.


2.       2. Your Dimension As A Father

After getting married to that beautiful damsel, in a couple of months or years as God wills, you boh will have children being entrusted to you by God, children who will come into this world as innocent as they can come, and you will be expected that you take care of them and nurture them.

In our world of today, we have seen fathers who are absent in the lives of their children, fathers who are only about pursuing the bread that the children will eat without any concern for how the children are growing, and the kind of values being instilled in them. 

Is it wrong for fathers to provide for their family? Of course not, one of the hallmarks of being a father is the ability to provide. But this zest to provide must be balanced. Don't neglect your children and their formative years on the alter of wanting to make enough money to buy pieces of stuff for them and give them a comfortable life. Make as much money as you can, but let that money not be made at the expense of the life, destiny, and future of your God-given children. 

Indeed, mothers have their place, but the place of fathers too can not be underestimated.

We have broken children all over the world looking for their fathers in any man they see and thereby falling into the hand of wrong men, if only such fathers were around to show the needed love and support the child needed, such a child would have grown up secured in the love of her father and would not have fallen into the hands of wrong men.



As a father, is there any guarantee that your being there for your children will result in them turning out nicely, we do not know, but one thing you would have done by being a father in every way possible is that you would have done your fatherly assignment and declared innocent of any path your child decides to take.

For a single guy, how do you behave to the children around you, are you a tyrant, what about your disposition to the toddlers, how do you behave to the teenagers around you?

By answering the above questions from your single days, you are laying a solid foundation of being able to be a worthy father to your own biological children.


3.      3. Your Dimension As A Priest


The times are changing when we will only see and hear women wake up in the night to pray for their children, or when for every time a gathering of prayer is called, women are more in the program while the man of the house is at home watching football.

The times have changed!

Now, we are having men staying the night praying for their families.

Now we are having men ensuring that regardless of what happens in the world, their territory (their home) is fully secured.

Now, we have been who enforce the kingdom of God in their home, and declare that their home will not be a joint for the enemies.

A different breed of men is arising.


Kindly join the army.

Enough of only women who are prayerful and worded.

Enough of only women who enforce the will of God in their home.

There is a new order of men rising who won’t take No of any kind for an answer, who will refuse to lose any of their child to the ills of this generation.

Am I saying Mothers should not pray? Of course not. Both partners have to pray.

If what we are seeing in our world of today is only as a result of the woman’s prayer, how much more good will be wrought when the men take their place too.

It will be so great!

And you don’t have to wait till you are married to start operating in these three dimensions, you can start to prepare now, your dimension as a husband, your dimension as a father, and as a priest.

Trust that in all of these three capacities, you won’t fail God. Amen.

Till we meet next week for another post…



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