by - January 20, 2022

Happy New Year!


It’s almost unbelievable that we are in another year, I mean just like that!

2021 for me was a full year and then a little extra, I was hurt(I'll share the details in due season) and my heart also thrilled with so much joy than I have felt all my life. With all what happened in 2021, It was a great year at the end of the day, and we judge God faithful.

I am here as promised in the last Blog of 2021, and here we are!

I have some things on my table at the moment, but then the Lord gives me all the strength I need, right? So, whenever Abimbola of abimbolawrites crosses your mind, do ask for strength for her from the Lord. Thank you in advance. 😀

This year on the Blog expect content back to back. You know how we do it right? 

We are sure going to deliver premium content on a weekly basis here, expect a blog post on Thursdays every week, except when otherwise stated.

Trust that at the end of the year, we will all by God’s grace look back at and really marvel at all the Lord will have helped us accomplish.

Cheers to a great year ahead!


There Is So Much Light***

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