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Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we are all doing great and following hard after the things the Lord has placed in our hearts.

One of my biggest prayer points which I am always actively working towards is that I want my private and public life to match. It is a prayer that I have prayed for years and it still remains one thing I still pray for.

That my life in private is same and even more solid than my public life. That I don’t look all glammed up and all Christianese on the outside while I am anything but a Christian in my private life.

This post on public life vs private life has been sitting pretty in my drafts for some months now, so let’s push it out today.

If there is anything rampant in today’s world, it is the fact that so many people are doing so many things for the glam, and for the glam alone.

We have more people who are perceived to be children of God by their social media posts and the number of scriptures they can quote, and without any originality in the things that they do.

It’s a pity that so many people claim to know God and have a relationship with God, but are not known by the God they claim is their father.

Okay, let us answer this question…

‘If there were no Instagram, no Twitter, no Facebook, and YouTube. If there were no cameras, no video recorder to record what you are doing, and you are just living your life, if you only have God as your audience, will the same life you project to others that you have still be in existence?’

There are some people in a bid to sound church will come online to claim how many hours they spend praying, or how much of God’s word they literally eat per day, while all the things they are saying are only a lie.

It’s such a pity to see people who are only spiritual when outside, and if there were no cameras and no corporate prayer meetings, they won't be able to tarry in the place of prayer when they are in a 12-hour prayer meeting?

Is it wrong to attend meetings where you are stretched beyond your limit in the place of prayer? 

Not at all.
These meetings are designed to help you go beyond your what you'll do on your own, people who have only been praying for an hour in their closet can come together and then stretch to 2 hours’ corporate prayers. This is different from people who can’t pray for five minutes on their own will then suddenly become prayer warriors when they are in gatherings, they’ll suddenly become so aggressive in the place of prayers, the prayers they have not prayed in three months will suddenly start coming to the surface.

I know how cheap talking can be until when you have to do it! But you can decide and have the Lord help you to be a solid person on the inside when there is no one watching. If the best things that have ever happened to you spiritually happened in public, you might have to start doing some things right. You should have as much going on personally in your relationship with God even as you have encounters in meetings.

Things To Do

Take Time Off Social Media.

Social media can be a huge distraction from your pursuit of God.

While it is a good thing as it has brought the whole world to our fingers literally, but at the end of the day, if we don’t set out time for God, we’ll just suddenly wake up one day to discover that we no longer have a spiritual life as it has been buried under Facebook timelines and Instagram DM.

Don’t let this be you. Fight for your time with, don't allow SM win the battle!

Schedule Time

There can never be enough time, even if the time moved from 24 hours to 48 hours per day, so many people still won’t have enough hours in a day to do the things they want to do.

This fact was amplified by the lockdown that happened globally in year 2020, we came to realize that we never had a time problem initially, what we had was a discipline problem.

Like you create out time for every other important thing, e.g. eating, taking your bath; create out time for God too. 

In the midst of your busy life and busy schedules, cerate out time for God!

Use every spare time you have, and go a step further by deliberately creating out time for God. The degree of importance we attach to a thing or person is seen in how much we are willing to create out time to spend or talk with that person.

Let your love for God transcend beyond lip service to how you literally clear out space or things on your schedule and spend time with Him.

At the end of the day, He is really all that matters.

Surround Yourself With Resources That Can Spur You In Your Faith Walk.

We have been graciously blessed by God to have various dimensions within the Body of Christ.

We have been blessed with songs, chants, videos, book, so many resources...

For some, it might be music that does it for them, for some, it is hearing others praying and then they become fired up to pray, for others, it is listening to sermons, for some, it is reading of books by some specific authors and before you know it, you would have become so geared up to pray and want to spend the rest of their  years on this side of eternity chasing Jesus.

Find out what yours is, and use it well.

Just make sure that your relationship with God isn’t all about the glam, there should be an aspect of your life that is only between you and Jesus. In the end, no matter the accolades you get from men, there is only one person who will ultimately mark the script of your life.

There will be a point in time when we will all have to leave this side of eternity and everything else won’t matter anymore, from now forward, please begin to do those things that really count.

Determine not to be among those who are not geniue, people who are all bark and no bite, people whose life looks so good on the outside but whose inside stinks, be renewed from the inside out.

At the end of the day, what matters is not what we are in the public eyes but what God perceives us to be.

Trust that we will be people whose private and public life match!

See you next Thursday.

There is so much light***

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