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Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we are all doing great and following hard after all that God has placed in our hearts.

In our world of today, we are fond of criticizing people we call motivational speakers who are always telling us to perspire and aspire to get the future that we desire, we wonder if they will ever face the reality that not every one of us will ever aspire to be anything.

There are some who think that certain achievements are only for a select few, and for that reason refuse to accept any responsibility and keep talking about what is not going on well thereby shifting the blame to every other person other than themselves.

Read along as I share my thoughts on how you can become at least 1% better every day, and leave those who are what I call chief complainers. 

Ready? Let's go...

1. Forget the past

No matter how lovely or how seemingly bad you feel that your background was, you can still rise higher than that. 

It is more difficult to forget if you have a terrible past because you start to feel that the height that you see other family members or people you grew up with attaining is what you also can attain. No more, no less. 

But this does not have to be true, you can come from a past you are not so proud to be associated with and still yet go ahead and have a beautiful future that is your inheritance in Christ. 

While forgetting the past does not mean you will not have anything to do with your root or that you begin to see everyone from that your place or origin of birth because to you now, they have become no-good people, but it only means you have come in cognizance of what that level of life represents and you now want something better.


2. Go All Out On Personal Development

I studied Microbiology at the university, but I can't remember a causative organism and the sickness/disease it causes even if I was at gunpoint. There is only so much that we were taught in school. 

If you schooled in Nigeria like me, there is so much limit to what you were exposed to, and while the school curriculum was good in itself, permit me to say it didn't really prepare us for life after school. 

I remember coming out of school and trying to get a job, there are so many things that might make it look like employers are not fair in the things they demand, but now few years down the line myself, I am beginning to see that the employers are not totally wrong. 

There are a lot of things that are needed for life and living that don’t get taught in the four walls of a conventional school.

All through my school days, I was never taught;


How to relate with people

How to make, manage or multiply money

How to sustain my relationship with my significant other

Skills to have in the workplace environment

Time management





And a host of other relevant knowledge that is needed in the real world.

So, in all you do, embrace personal development.

Read books

Attend seminars

Consume content  (Youtube is a village when it comes to video content and google is a village when it comes to written content). Between these two media, it is almost a criminal offense punishable by law for not knowing some basic things for a start and some complex things even as you go on.

Get better.


3.  Find A Community Where Your Desired Goal Is Their Normal

I first heard this in the book; Atomic Habit By James Clear, which talks about how to break free from a bad habit and build good ones. In one of the laws in the book, the author mentioned that to break a bad habit, you need to find a community where the habit you are trying to build is the acceptable behavior there.

To put this in context;

Let’s say you have been struggling to read one book a month, and then you want to want to start reading one book a month, joining a book club were the members read two books per week is the right way to go. This is because even if you do not respect yourself so much, but the fact remains that by being in a group like that, you sef no go wan fall your hand, you’ll struggle initially, but as the day goes by, reading will become second nature to you.

I read about a lady who was on the third-class grade in the university even up to her second year, she realized what was happening to their C.G.P.A, felt she could do better. She then left her friends who didn’t have the zeal to come out of school with distinction, and then started making friends with people who were at the top of the class, at the end of her university journey, she came out of school with a second class upper grade which was quite an improvement from her third class grade. Talk about the power of community!

So if you want to become better, look for people already living your kind of life, and then join them. It will definitely stretch you, but it surely will bring you out of your comfort zone where nothing worthwhile grows.

4. Accept Full Responsibility For Your Life

In a place like Nigeria, where for every bad thing that happens, we can always find someone to blame, choose to be different.

I have discovered from experience that every time you complain or shift the blame of what happens in your life to someone else, you block the creative side of your brain which is responsible for birthing solutions. This is how I feel about complaining. I do not like people that complain around me. Even if the worst possible had happened, rather than just complaining, accept it, and then look for a way forward. 

Even if things are not going as you would want them to go, don’t complain. This does not mean that you won’t be true to the situation, you will be true to the situation but you are not allowed to complain.

Take full responsibility.

Don’t shift the blame.

Don’t complain.

For anything that happens, take full responsibility, don't shift the blame to someone else, and don’t complain, sit down, restrategize and move on.

Let's end with the lyrics of Status By VaShawan Mitchell

Our status is changing, there's no more decline
We are on our way to better days.

Cheers to Better Days Ahead. Our Best Days Are Here!

See you next Thursday.

There is so much light***

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