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by - September 30, 2021


Hey BlogFam,

Trust we are all doing great and following hard after all that the Lord has placed in our hearts.

So in today’s post, I’ll be sharing my top 5  faith-based blogs, these are blogs I have actively read from for a minimum of a year and there are others that have gone past the one-year mark, all in all, you'll find these Blogs highly resourceful.

The list does not contain only bloggers who blog about scriptures alone, but even those who writes stories, shares relationship tips, posts fashion-related advice and even teaches us how to be a great mom.

Permit me ahead because all my favorite faith-based bloggers are female, if I do find a faith-based blogger who I love and who happens to be a male, trust me to update this list.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into this list.


1.     1.  Eziaha Blog

This Blog is not just a Blog, it is literally a university on its own (for a lack of a better word), I have been reading posts from this Blog for over one year now, and it has been such a wonderful experience. The fact that this woman has been blogging for the past 8 years takes it a notch higher.


This is such a rich blog, and you know I love bringing the knowledge I have to you my Blog family, and that is why I am sharing this Blog with you.

Do check out her Blog. You don’t need to thank me, what are friends for? 😀



2.    2.  Ife Grace Blog

This is our own Nigerian Francine Rivers.

This lady has a thing with weaving stories that goes beyond just the skill of putting words together which she has obviously mastered, but she definitely has a deep relationship with God which is so evident in her Blog and the stories she publishes there.

On the Blog, there are not only stories, but different articles on the Blog for your development; both spiritual and otherwise.

I have been following this following for over two years and it has been such a beautiful experience.

Do well to head on to that blog, you’ll be glad you did.



3.     3.  Stay-At-Home-Mom Blog

This Blog also is run by the first blogger mentioned; Eziaha.

If you are a woman, either a stay at home mom or not, this Blog is filled with so many resources for your growth even as you are a wife to your husband and a mother to your child(ren). She calls these moms Domestic Queens, and aren't they queens indeed. The man is the king and that makes the woman the queen of the kingdom.

Being a wife of over 7 years herself, and a mother to two boys, she generously shares the things she is learning as both a wife and a mother with the hope that her readers will learn a thing or two from her posts, and if you read well enough, you definitely will learn more than a thing or two!

If you are a single lady like me, you can still visit the Blog and keep learning from the wealth of experience, so that when you do get the ring, you can hit the ground running being fully armed with the right knowledge.

She is faith-based, and all the articles published on the Blog are birthed from her love for Jesus and her relationship with Him.



4.      4.   Dupe’s Blog

This is another faith-based Blog run by a blogger named; Modupe.

I also have been following this blog for about two years now, and while I have not been seeing her publish new posts in recent times, she has really been consistent over the years and there are so many resources for you to learn from.


5.     5.   Amaka Media

I love this Blog, and while I have no personal relationship with the Blogger, I have been tremendously blessed and helped by her Blog. I have followed this Blog for over one year now.

She blogs about faith, fashion, relationship, lifestyle, her marriage, and recently her journey to motherhood.

It was from this Blog I learnt some tips about fashion too as she is a fashionista and it shows through her Blog.

You’ll have a great time on her Blog too.



There you have it, my five favorite faith-based Blogs.

I do hope you will have a great time reading from the Blogs.



If you live in Nigeria like me, then you have what I consider a free day tomorrow. Our country will be celebrating her 61st year since she got her independence.

On your own way to getting your own independence, please ensure that the day doesn’t just go like that.

Please have a list of the things you can tick off after the day is over.

Even if your plan is to stay Netflix and chill, still write Netflix and chill on your plan, and have the title of the movies you intend to watch. Whatever you do, just plan.

This is what my list for tomorrow looks like.

This public holiday has been approved unlike this one that wasn’t approved which I shared the experience here.


You can tell I am so excited about tomorrow, and I sincerely can’t wait for the day to begin!

Shout out to all the health workers who will still be at work tomorrow as well as those doing professional courses who still have to attend class tomorrow. Our hearts are with you.

See you next week Thursday...

There is so much Light***


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