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Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we are all doing great, and following hard after all the Lord has placed in our hearts.

For the last two posts, I have been sharing my thoughts as it relates to one of the many advantages of believers which is prayer; today’s post will be the last in this series for now.

There are a lot of blessings when we pray, but then amidst the hustle bustle of life, it is so easy to allow prayer to get the back seat, so, let us go into practical ways to help you stay on track as it relates to praying.

Before we talk about the practical ways, let’s talk about prayer being a seed that we can sow into our future.

An acquaintance of mine posted on her WhatsApp status how prayer is one thing you can send into your future, and it was as though I was hearing that statement for the first time in my life.

While you might not able to take all the dresses you own now into the future, but one thing you can definitely send into your future is your prayer. 

Just imagine that all that is happening in your life at the moment is as a result of the prayers you have prayed in times past, so it means if you want to see and get more results in five, ten, fifty or a hundred years from now if Christ tarries, then you must be ready to sow the seeds of prayer.

I was reading a book some years back where the author talked about a time she was reading her grandmother’s journal and she saw her name written down in the journal, and the grandma wasn’t only praying for her granddaughter, but she was even praying into the future for the kind of man her granddaughter was going to mary, can anything just beat that?

You are still in 2021, you can start praying about 2031, 2041, 2081.

With long life, the Lord has promised to satisfy us, so if Christ tarries in his coming and doesn’t come till when you are ninety years of age, can you just envisage what you want your reality to be by then and start covering all your dreams in the place of prayer.

Even if you’re not married yet, you can set a day apart every week to pray for that spouse that you will spend the rest of your life with. Can you start to declare those things you want to see in his/her life when you finally meet?

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Even if you don’t have children yet, can you set a day apart every week to start praying for your children (biologically and spiritually), those things you want to see in their life, can you begin to say them in the place of prayer now. There is so much decadence going on in our world of today, you don’t want your children to be part of that number, so why not start praying for them?

Most times, we don’t pray because we feel we do not have enough prayer points to pray about, but if only we can look well into our lives and families we will see major prayer points from there.

I first heard the above from an invited guest minister and then from my mentoring academy.

Have you been noticing patterns in your family that you feel are not consistent with the reality that you are supposed to be experiencing as a child of God?

Have you checked your family both from the maternal and paternal line and after having looked at it well, you then begin to see trends, the kind of trends that you will not want a repeat performance in your own life. It's time to pray!

Christ already blotted out the handwriting of ordinances that was written against us which was contrary to us, he already nailed them on the cross triumphing over them in victory.

Rather than just wishing them away or accepting them as the norm, why not choose to pray about them, pray about them until you know you have been delivered, pray about them until you see yourself working in another dimension different from what used to be obtainable in your family line.

There is so much God wants to do for us, please pray yourself into alignment.


Practical Ways To Stay On Track


Just like you don’t leave anything that is important to you to chance, or when you have time for them, so also should you not leave your prayer life to whenever you have time for it.

If you decide to just leave it to chance, you might just discover that you haven’t prayed in two weeks or even more.

Schedule time to pray, it is that important.

Don’t just wait till when you’re less busy to pray; deliberately create out time out of your busy life to pray, pray like your life depends on it because it actually does. Praying about a thing forms a solid foundation on which you can then build with discipline, diligence, hard work, time management and the list go on, so let your foundation be strong.


Pray About Everything

We established from the last post how important it is for you to bring everything to God in prayer, so pray about everything. From the very important things to the seemingly mundane things of life. Tell it all to the Lord.


Get A Prayer Partner/Join A Team  

Getting a prayer partner/joining a prayer team is such a game changer, while this should not replace your personal prayer time, but it can be a sure good way to start.

Make sure you’re going into this commitment with someone/group of people who can help you and not just someone/people who are struggling to pray.

If you are already disciplined enough to pray on your own and don’t need the discipline involved in having to pray with someone/people, then you can consider having someone who is not so disciplined, but if you are not disciplined yourself, please don’t choose a friend/join people who aren’t disciplined too, both of you will end up not helping yourself.

Never forget that Prayer works!

Cheers to harnessing more of the power of prayer.


See you next week Thursday.


There is so much light***



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