What Happened During My University Project Defense + Life Lesson

by - July 15, 2021

Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we’re all doing great, and running hard after those things the Lord has placed in our hearts.

Today post is cenetered on an incident that occurred in my final year in the university, just before my convocation.

I remember clearly that day in Olabisi Onabanjo Univeristy, that is the name of my university, and in case you don’t know, I studied Microbiology.

So, after the compulsory project and all those other things the final year students are expected to do, we were asked to come and defend our project.

Some days prior to the defense day, I remember travelling back from home to school. On the day of the defense, we all wore our best corporate dress, and we were anxious to just get this defense behind us. I know I couldn't wait to close that chapter and start another.

Few hours after most or even all the microbiology students were in the school premises, we were suddenly told that the defense has been post-poned indefinitely.

Trust final year students and their noise, we expressed our displeasure, but what could undergraduates in a Nigerian university possibly do, so we accepted our fate.

People who didn’t have a place to stay because they had rented out their rooms travelled back to their homes, and some others who even though still had their rooms, but didn’t want to stay back in the school environment, thereby miss eating all the delicaies that they were already eating at home also went back to their father's house. 

I wasn’t happy that the defense didn’t hold, but because my sister was still in school back then, I was more willing to stay back. My course mate who also doubles as my friend, Ola, went back to her home in Abeokuta and I stayed back in school.

This is where it gets more interesting...

That evening, there was no light in the town where my university was located, so my phone was off, same with my sister. I was in my room when one of my hall mates came to tell me that a friend of mine, Tobi, who was also in school with me said my defense will hold tomorrow.

I was surprised, because this friend is in an entirely different department, and he shouldn’t even know anything about what will happen in my department.

But my friend Tobi wasn’t the mastermind behind it at all, apparently when my friend Ola had gotten back to her home in Abeokuta, our class rep got news that the defense will hold the next day, so he made the announcement on the class group chat but because my phone was down, I couldn’t see it.

Ola tried calling me but couldn’t reach me because of my phone, that was when she decided to call my dad. She had always heard me talk about my dad, how wherever I was in the world, if anything ever happens, my dad would always find a way out for me.

She called him, introduced herself as Bimbo’s friend and told him of my defense which will be holding the next day. My dad appreciated her, then got to his assignment of reaching me.

He called my sister and I, but when he realized that our phones were off, he reached out to my cousin who was also a student although we lived in different places within the town. Even though at that time, she wasn't in school, she had travelled home.

My cousin then called one of my friends who then called one of my hall mates, who then told me. You can see how long the chain was.

I got the information, I went for my defense, the defense ended well. I graduated, and here I am today.


This is one life incident that I still hold very dear to my heart, I can’t even bear to think of what would have happened if I had missed my defense because no one could reach me.


Life Lesson - God Is Committed To Us

As a child of God, I know there are some things that might happen and it seems like nothing good is going to come out of here, but in the midst of it all, never doubt God’s faithfulness to you.

If my biological father could look for a way to make sure he was able to reach me to let  me know the necessary information I needed, how much more your heavenly Father. 

And come to think of it, he has to na, my school fees for the first three years in the university was in six digits, so he couldn't bear to see all of that waste, and he would then need to pay for an extra year for something that could have been avoided.

But even asides that, even if he didn’t pay so much, he is still my dad and he is committed to see that I do well and all goes well with me. 

How much more God. He can’t fail you, he has invested too much in you, and he is so commited to you, and he loves you.

It will work out well.  God will make it end well. Trust his person. He is your Father, and he won't watch things go awry for you.

You’ll be alright, I did my defense and all went well at the end of the day, you’ll be okay too, just hang on.

So, this is my story, of how I missed missing my final year defense.

There is so much light***


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