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So, Mrs. T expected us to talk to ourselves, she told Daniel to spend more time with me and also affirm me.

At first, it was very awkward, he would come back home early, play with the children, then after the children have gone to their rooms, we will end up just staring at ourselves over the dressing mirror in the room, after which I'll go into the bathroom, shower and come out, apply my night beauty products, lie on the bed and sleep.

That was our routine for some days after the meeting with Mrs. T.

On one of those nights, my friend called and I left the room to pick her call. Some days after the confession night, I had gotten in touch with my friend; Mildred.

We were prayer partners years before I got married, but I had made sure the relationship died a natural death after always claiming I was not available for two months at a stretch whenever she called me every Saturday morning which was usually our time for prayer, the relationship had died a natural death. 

She was the first to know when Dare wasn't given me attention and Daniel had started pouring accolades on me. She had tried to warn me but I wasn't willing to listen, but with everything crumbling, I had no choice but to call her.

That day when I called her, she encouraged me and promised to always lift me up in my prayers just like she has always done. There and then, we had created a schedule to always pray for a minimum of 30 minutes every day for my home until the storm passed. 

Talk about Christian friendships where there is no iota of judgment. I sincerely wish more people can uplift people who have fallen in one way or the other, they already have gone through enough, no need to add to the feeling of guilt they are experiencing.

That particular night, she had to call me because we had missed our daily 3pm prayer where we have always lifted up my marriage to God. We had to catch up, and the nighttime was a good time for both of us.

I left Dare in the room and went to the sitting room to pray with Mildred.

Our prayers were always full of confessions, and praying in the Spirit. We kept calling unto God to come help calm the storm that was raging my home.

Soon, my husband started talking to me, telling me my gown fits me and accentuates my curves , how much of a great wife and mother I am and how much he loves me. I am sure he didn't get to that place in a day, but I am sure the process of praying and talking to our counselor is beginning to produce results.

Seven months after telling my husband my mistake, Dare suddenly came home one Friday evening and told me to get dressed as he wanted to take me out.

My first thought was 'to where? And that was exactly what I blurted out 

' It's a surprise, just get dressed' He said and left the room.

I stood in the center of the room thinking of what to make of Dare sudden request, but I made sure not to overthink, so I just opened my closet to make a choice of what I would wear.

Just then Dare came into the room to tell me to pack my bag for the weekend and to also take a dress suitable for church on Sunday. 

'Esther, please wear that gown I bought for you during the last anniversary' He said and left the room again.

I stood there in the middle of the room surprised.

So the vigils with Mildred for the past months have not been in vain, I can't even remember the last time Dare noticed what I was wearing, talk less of even suggesting what I should wear.

Soon, we were on our way out of the house, my husband had informed me we were going to the Ola's residence to drop off the children so that we can have enough time to ourselves, apparently when Dare was going out and coming into the room, he has gone to pack the children's room to pack what they will be wearing for the next two nights as the Ola's will be the one bringing them to church because we attend the same church.

After dropping the children off, Dare started the journey to only God-knows-where that he is taking me to.

On the way, he played songs we used to sing together while we were courting, and with that song came many pleasant memories.

Soon we joined in the song and started singing, and started jiggling as we rode down

We entered into the street that housed one of the resort centers I have always nagged about in past years, he had never been able to get time off his job to take me there but the fact that we are there now together was really exciting.

We checked into one of the luxury rooms that looked like a home away from home 

After settling in, we went to have dinner in the resort restaurant, we ate in silence while our eyes were doing the talking.

When we came back to our room, we changed into more comfortable clothes and got talking.

'I am sorry for neglecting you, deeply sorry for placing my job above you, I knew you were complaining but I felt you'll get over it, I never knew it would get so bad to the extent of you seeking succor in the arms of another man' Dare said

'I should be the one apologizing, I shouldn't have cheated on you regardless of how you were neglecting me, and I am very sorry for that. I wish you can look into my heart and see how sorry I am' I said in response.

'I might not be able to see into your heart, but I know that you are indeed sorry, and we can definitely move past this. While I am not claiming it will be an easy ride, but we can do this as the Lord helps us' He said and opened his arms wide for me to come into.

What better place to be than being in the arms of a man who loves me. We have been through the worse thing possible and we are out of it stronger.

This weekend will be our 30th wedding anniversary, and just seeing how our lives have unfolded took me back to my diary of those years.

Has it been easy all these years? Not at all!

I have stumbled on Dare waking up in the middle of the night, declaring over me that my love fills his heart, that he won't lose me to the bitterness of heart and hatred. Those were times when he had remembered what I did. God made it possible to forgive me and we are better off together.

Infidelity is a wrong thing to do, but we have gone through that fire and have come out of it more refined.

The children have left home and have started their own families and we are really enjoying ourselves.
I have to stop writing, I can hear my husband whistling upstairs, he needs me, please don't ask me for what. There is a reason why I am a married woman.  Hahahahahahaha


Thank you to everyone who followed this series, thanks for the feedback, the corrections, and all the positive words.

This series was written out of a place to understand what goes on behind the scenes of married women who had reasons to have affairs with men other than their husbands, while it is not a good experience, but we all can't deny that this happens sometimes.

Marital infidelity shouldn't be the end of the marriage, every home is worth fighting for, and once the party involves acknowledges his/her shortcomings, then the home can be rectified.

Trust that we have all learned a thing or two, both as singles and as a couple.

Thanks for coming on this ride with me, see you next week Thursday with another post here on the Blog.

God Bless You, and Happy New Month!

There Is So Much Light***

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