It’s The Second-Half Of The Match

by - July 08, 2021



Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we’re all doing great, and that we are all going hard on those things God has placed in our hearts.

It sure feels like it was just a day before yesterday when we started the year 2021. I still remember when I published the first blog post of the year.

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And just like that, the second quarter also ended, leaving us with the remaining half of the year.

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I don’t play football, nor do I actively watch it, but I have seen from the few matches I have watched as well as heard from people who actively watch soccer how although the first half of a match is so important because it creates the structures the footballers need to win the game, but then it is not the ultimate.

We have seen football teams who were leading in the game, sometimes by three goals to nil. And just past halftime into the game, the seemingly losing team just wakes up and can go ahead and not just equalize, but even go ahead and win the match.

You see why you can’t afford to quit on the year just yet? We still have time, six months is more than enough to accomplish those goals, or to solidify them.

While the essence of this Blogpost isn’t to tension you or to make you feel like if you haven’t achieved anything this year then  you should just hide your face somewhere, far from that, I am very aware that there might have been things you wrote down that you were not able to do, or your goals that didn’t play out exactly like you planned it.

But like we all know that it’s a waste of precious time crying over spilt milk, the past is gone, and we can no longer do anything with it, but what we can definitely do something about is the time we have now and we can make plans concerning the future too.  

I am not here to tell you that even if life didn’t go as you planned it, you might as well just fold your hands, invite others to a pity party, and then have them join you even as you cry your heart out.

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Far from it, whatever has happened has happened.

If it was good. Great

If it was not so good. Great all the same.

And if you need to cry, sit down, cry, and then, get up.

Irrespective of whatever has happened, as said by Soren Kierkegaard, life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forward.

So forward ever.

Did your plans see the light of the day? If your answer is yes, I rejoice greatly with you but don’t just sit down there rejoicing in those things alone. Of course, celebrate the victory so that they can be a form of ginger to achieve what is ahead, but by all means, aim for more. There is more waiting ahead of you. There’s more than this!

Did it feel as if life was just smiling when you were making your plans because those plans didn’t see the light of the day?

If this is you, then accept this virtual hug from me, trust me when I say I understand how it feels because I actually do. But this isn’t the time for you to just lazy around, or just hands up or lose the zeal to pursue your plans or those big dreams that God has planned for you. Your best days are here. Get up with a renewed energy and please keep going. Better days are ahead of you.

It seemed like a dream, too good to be true, when God returned Zion’s exiles. Psalm 126:1 (MSG)

This will be your testimony when everything begins to play out beyond your wildest dreams, imaginations and even beyond what you could have ever prayed for.

As of today, we have used exactly a week into the second half, so you're still in good time to tighten up your seat belt.

Go back to that drawing board, go back to those things you wrote down before, dust them and start all over again if you have to, but please don’t quit. 

You did not fail, you only learnt how not to do it.

God didn’t promise us a smooth ride, but what he assured us of is that he’ll be with us every step of the way, God is with you, never doubt, so go in this strength.

I am here trusting that the remaining days of this year will be better for you than the previous ones because God will deal wondrously with you.

Keep going HARD after those things. Don’t relent. It can only get better.

Have a great third quarter and enjoy the rest of the year.

It’s the second half of the match, team members, let’s do this. We will end strong.

God gat us!

There’s so much light***

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