The Diary Of An Unfaithful Wife|| Episode 2

by - June 10, 2021

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After that question, I just kept mute not knowing where to start my explanation from. He just shook his head as he undressed.

He went into the bathroom to take his bath, few seconds before he came out of the bathroom, I quickly knelt down, I knew how much he hates me kneeling down for him, he had even refused me kneeling down for him during our wedding reception.

Chai, I must have really been blinded to all my husband's strength.

When he came out, he saw me kneeling on the floor and knew something terrible must have happened.

He sat down on the bed and asked me what the challenge was and I explained everything, starting from when I started feeling disconnected from him to when Daniel started giving me attention in the office, ending it with the details of having a full-blown affair with Daniel for the past six months.

He didn't say anything to me, he just stood up and left the room.

For the next one week, the only time Dare talked to me was when it was necessary, like the customary good morning and good night, although he continued eating my meals and he still maintained his relationship with the children. 

Though we still slept on the same bed, there was no display of affection, we could be taken for roommates who share a bed.

Two weeks after my confession night, fearing that this might be the end of my marriage, I called his spiritual father. While we were courting, he had assured me that if I ever did anything to him and he doesn't want to listen to anyone's counsel, that man was the right person to call.

I have never had to tow that path of calling because of a major challenge that was out of my ability, but I have to call him now.

I picked up the phone that afternoon and called Papa Theophilus.

'God bless you my sister' That was the first thing Papa T said to me as was his custom.

'Amen, and God bless you Sir' was my response.

'How are you doing and how are your husband and children? Papa T asked me

'We are all doing great, Sir. I would like to come and see you, Sir.' I blurted out before I would lose the courage of wanting to talk to him.

'Oh, come and see me? Isn't it something we can discuss over the phone?' Papa T asked.

'It's not a conversation we can have over the phone, Sir. I need to see you, Sir.'

Papa T lives in Jos while my husband and I make our home in Lagos, so I knew why he was considering talking it over the phone rather than letting me come that far only to see him, but I knew the gravity of what has been done and I didn't mind traveling any length to see him if that would save my marriage.

When Papa T realized I was determined to come, he gave me a date to come, and we said our goodbyes.

Immediately I dropped the call, I quickly searched different airlines to see which of them had a flight for that day, I finally settled on one who would allow me to get to Jos a day earlier than the scheduled day and return to Lagos a day after the meeting.

I told Dare of my plans to travel although I withheld the destination or who I was going there to see. 

He just shrugged his shoulders in response and continued with what he was busy with on the laptop.

I must confess that even after I confessed to him, he didn't in any way treat me badly, asides from the fact that we were not exchanging too many words, but he still treated me fairly. 

Oh, I married a good man! It's only a pity I didn't realize that on time.

I also applied for a three-day casual leave from the office and it was approved.

My trip to Jos was a smooth one.

'Good morning, Papa' I greeted Papa T the next day when I saw him

We exchanged pleasantries and soon got into the main reason why I came

I explained everything to Papa T, although I wasn't feeling so proud of myself, I knew telling him half-truths wasn't going to help me in any way so I was as sincere as I could be.

He listened to all I had to say without interrupting me and passed me a box of tissues to clean my face with when I started crying at some point.

After my narration, papa asked some questions on what pushed me into the arms of another husband, those who knew about it, and if I was willing to do all it takes to fight for my marriage. 

I answered all the questions. Papa T prayed with me and we departed.

The next day I traveled back to Lagos.

That evening, my husband and I were in the room when I heard his phone ring. He picked it up and from the name he mentioned, I can feel that my life wasn't going to be the same...

Episode 3. Next Week Thursday.

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