How I Am Preparing To Be A Mother

by - May 27, 2021

Hey Blog Fam,

Today is Children's Day here in Nigeria where I currently live, and just as we are all celebrating it, let me wish you A Happy Children's Day!

Either your parents are still alive or not, either you grew up with them or not, either way, you are still a child, A Beloved Child Of God. Never Doubt This!

While I still have my parents are still alive which makes me a child, but my day of becoming a mom is drawing closer to me either I want to agree with it or not.

There are certain things I do at the moment that my friends or those close to me will tell me that I should stop doing those things as my mates have given birth to two or more children already.

I shouldn't mind those who said that right? I won't.

But either I want to agree with them or not, I can't deny the fact that sooner rather than later, being a biological mother is what is going to be my reality. 

So if you want to find out how I am preparing to be a mom, please, read on.


If there is one statement I have heard most of the time, it is that this world is a battleground, and I can't afford to think life is just a playground. 

One of the dangerous things that can happen to anyone is to be on a battlefield and not know, the fact that you are aware that you are on a battlefield will help you with your choice of clothes, your choice of shoes, and even your choice of weapons of warfare that you'll carry. 

So with that knowledge in mind, I am beginning to learn how to pray for my children yet unborn, literally covering them with the blood of Jesus right from my womb and while they are still in the loins of their father. 

I am not even married yet, but what better time to dig my well than when I am not thirsty. So that's exactly what I am doing.


Some weeks back, I watched a YouTube video of a lady who had a miscarriage because she ate too much pawpaw. 

The miscarriage could have been avoided only if she had known, but these things happen all the time; ladies eating what is not right for their child, ladies not taking enough nutritional supplements months prior to your wedding, the list is endless. 

Remember that the scriptures says My people perish (are destroyed) because of lack of knowledge, I don't want that to be me, and I am sure that you don't want the same too, so in order to avoid a certain kind of destruction that comes from ignorance, embrace knowledge.

I am subscribing to newsletters and channels that talk about motherhood, listening to videos and audios that can help. In simple terms, I am getting knowledge, and so should you, sis.

I am very aware that there are things I can only fully learn when I have a child living inside of me, but biko, let me learn all I can learn know from people who have gone ahead of me.


If there is one thing I have learned from the mothers around me, it is the fact that having a child makes you selfless, from having to share your body with the child, to giving the child nourishment at your bosom, to nurturing the child to adulthood and everything in between those seasons.

I have heard that nothing beats selfishness out of one's body than having a child fully dependent on you for survival, but while I wait to get to that season, I am trying to become less self-centered and more selfless.

I know I'll need a high dose of selflessness in the motherhood season, so let me start cultivating that habit now.

So, these are the things I am doing in this season of my life in preparation for my time as a biological mom.

Once Again, Happy Children's Day Everyone...

There is so much light***

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