I don't have a public ministry, do I need to follow God closely?

by - April 15, 2021

Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we are all doing great, and following hard after those things God has placed in our hearts.

I teach Sunday School in church and not too long ago, one of the students of my class asked me the above question, while I answered him in class, I felt a need to come share the things I shared in class too.

So, let's diveeee right into it. 

Many of us in this generation feel that the only people who are to keep running after Jesus are those who have been called into ministry, people like pastors, elders in church, Deacons, music ministers and the likes.

This is the category of people whom we have come to put in that box of been Called by God.

But, first things first, after salvation, we all become children of God, we become translated from the kingdom of darkeness into the kingdom of light.

This is what happens to ALL of us.

Then from this level, we start our relationship with God, along the way, some of us might feel called into a certain dimension of ministry, some become Pastors, Apostles, Evangelist...

This call into ministry is only supposed to come as an overflow of what is already going on on our insides. 

Something private which after a while, the Lord will want it to become public.

People don't become servant of God, and then start building their relationship with God.

Their being called into a certain office is as a result of the ongoing relationship, so it becomes pitiable when someone who doesn't have an ongoing relationship with God, then wants to used of God or worse calls himself and says he is called by God.

It isn't right that only pastors are supposed to pray or have personal bible study. This is something expected of every child of God either you bear the title Pastor or you're just a back-up singer in church, or you're just a member of the prayer unit.

A case to mind here, sometimes last year, I felt the need to have a personal study bible, I am a daughter of a pastor, so it is normal to have study bible in my father's collection of books here and there in the house, but at that time of my life, I knew I needed one that was purchased with my money. 

So, I choose a date to visit Bible Wonderland in Surulere, Lagos which is a place where I buy most of my books, while I was going through the various divisions they had there, one of the attendants who was attending to me wanted to know if I was a pastor, I answered in the negative, he further asked if I was a pastor's wife to which I answered in the negative too. 

His expression really showed that of a man who couldn't place why a lady who was neither a pastor or pastor's wife wanted to spend five figures to buy a study bible. 

This only shows what is in the heart of the average person. Pastors are those who should have study bible and pray without ceasing, the rest of of us can go and play.

But, this isn't supposed to be.

The Lord requires of us not to only leave certain dimensions available in Him to some people, but He desires that WE ALL (no one is excluded) should know him.

While there will be people on the pulpit but those of us on the pew have as much responsibility as those holding the microphones too.

That you do not have a public ministry, or that you are not known as a Pastor or cell leader does not mean you shouldn't seek to know God.

Pulpit ministry is only supposed to come from a place of overflow, you have eaten and fed so fat, and then by divine election get to give out of the fullness you have received from the Lord.

So, we all have a commitment to the Lord, to know him for ourselves, pulpit ministry is only a by-product.

So, when next you consider stepping down a little on your personal prayer/study life because you are not a minister but just an ordinary usher in church, remember that it is for you that Christ died so as to reconcile you back to God.

There are certain terms that are not meant for some selected few but for all.

Terms like:

* The Holy Spirit told me

* The Lord told me

* I am going on a retreat

* God wouldn't be pleased if I do that

* I pray certain minutes/hours everyday

The above terms are not mutually exclusive to some people, they are to be in the vocabulary of every child of God.

Let's part with this scripture;

But Moses replied, “Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the Lord ’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit upon them all!”

Numbers 11:29 NLT

So, public ministry or not, the Father expects us to seek him.

There is so much light***

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