A Single Woman's Focus By Carla R. Cannon

by - April 29, 2021


Hey Blog Fam,

Trust you're all doing great.

This is one of the books I read recently and I learnt a lot from it.

It's a book written by a Single mother to ladies on the mistakes she made while growing up.

She mentioned how she went from the hands of one man to another seeking for love in the wrong places.

She further points the way to  how she got  and out from that cycle of going from one lover to another in her search for love, and how she can help ladies too not to fall into that pit.

Summary of what I learnt from the book;

1. There are many mistakes that single women make, but one that stood out for me is not choosing a man by the flesh but by the Spirit

His exterior such as height, skin color or height, might not be what we want 100%.

He might not be the ideal height you conjured up in your mind or the weight you want. He might not have the kind of dentition you want your man to have (Yes, some of us are that mundane), but we can trust the Lord's leading. 

The Lord knows what's best. It might not 100% what you want, but it will be 100% what you need.

Anything short of God's leading only leads to tears, premium tears.

2. A Man Undergoing His Process Shouldn't Be Frowned At

While trusting God for a mate, a man who still has a long way ahead of him (Mr Potential) shouldn't be sidelined. 

Small beginnings today doesn't equate a small tomorrow. 

All through scriptures, the opposite is always true, God is continually seen giving assurance of how tomorrow will be great inspite of the littleness of today, and it's so heart-warming that God can be trusted.

3. Drawing Up A List Of What Mr Right Should Be Or Posses Is Great, But How About Flipping The Coin And Becoming The List

While you can have certain traits you want in the man you'll be getting married to, how about becoming that list yourself?

How about getting to that place where you become who you are expecting?

What you want spiritually.

What you want financially

What you want materially.

What you want physically.

What you want behaviourally.

How about becoming all that and more.

4. Looking For Love In The Wrong Places Only Leads To Heartache

The absence of a parent can drive you into a place where you become desperate. A place where you are so hungry for love that you do not care where it is coming from.

That is not a good place to be.

Let the Lord fill those holes that lies in your heart. 

No one on earth can do that.

5. Being Sexually Pure Is Still Of Great Importance

The path of celibacy is still a good path. 

Sex before marriage still remains wrong and should be avoided at all cost. 

It offers nothing good except the pleasure at the moment. Why rush into what can be yours forever?

6. The Importance Of Godly Women Who Are More Advanced In Age Can Not Be Overemphasized

In the author's words, every Ruth needs a Naomi.

There is only so far that you can see, but standing on the shoulders of Godly women will help you see farther.

These are my lessons from the book.

There Is So Much Light***

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