5 things i didn't know about adulthood

by - April 22, 2021

 Hey blog fam,

Trust we're all doing great, I am doing great over here, currently in a season where I am just taking one day at a time.

So, I remember growing up and how I used to look forward to becoming an adult, I mean I couldn't wait to become those people who get to have two pieces of meat on their food, those who can decide to go out without having anyone question them, those people who always seemed to have money in their purse or wallet, I couldn't just wait to join their league!

Anyways, I grew up fast and here I am too, a full-blown adult, I think it's safe to say I am an adult giving that I am in my mid-twenties abi. 

Anyways do you want to know those things I wasn't aware of when I was still a child? Then keep reading...

1. That Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

I remember when I used to think that every adult had a tree at the back of their house where money was growing on, how I couldn't wait to join those people who were harvesting money.

As an adult now, I am not harvesting money anywhere at all, rather I am learning that I need to make, manage and multiply money

Biko, this wasn't part of what I foresaw.

2. That Adulthood Is Work

From reading in primary school, passing out of secondary school and conquering all the assignments that tertiary indtutions are known for.

You get out of school only to come into work force either as an entrepreneur or an employee and the work continues.

I thought I'll just get to eat my favorite food, sleep as many hours as I wanted, do things without anyone questioning me and all of that.

But now I don't get to do that, I don't get to eat my favorite food everyday, I don't sleep as many hours as I want to, because that will mean I am being slothful and I don't want to eat the bread of idleness, and I am still under authority. I guess I'll always be a woman under authority for as long as I live, from parents, to spouse and mentors. Phew!

This thing called adulthood is work and it wasn't part of the agreement at all.

Thank God we can do all things through christ which stregthens us.

3. That You Get Taxed By Younger Ones

The way we used to tax those egbons, who would have thought we will also become someone who will have to part with few thousands of naira every other month.

Responsibility is what best describes Adulthood.

Thank God I only have a twin sister as a biological sibling who is equal to me in everyway, my heart goes to those who have younger siblings and have to pay dues, well-done.

4. That What You Study In School Might Be Different From Your Job

I grew up thinking that all bankers studied bank-related courses or that all nurses must work in an hospital.

Reality.com, I found out that there are nurses who make a living out of writing and there are accountants who are now interior decorators.

This life ehn.

5. That Sometimes Life Doesn't Go As Planned

I used to think those people who didn't get results in their lives were people who didn't know how to plan.

I mean, if you can plan well enough, then life will just go according to what you have on paper.

Be out of secondary by 16

Be a university graduate by 21

Start working by 23

Get married by 26

Relocate with family by 28

Be through with childbearing by 33

Retire at 50 and travel round the world




Now, as a young adult, I can say that while goals, planning and strategies are key, but sometimes, life just doesn't go as planned.

These are those things I didn't know about adulthood, I used to think it was just a walk in the park, but whatever comes, trust that we'll keep getting bigger every day.

What are those things you didn't know about adulthood until you became one yourself? please share your thoughts in the comments section.

There is so much light***

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