Practical Tips On How To Have A Consistent Prayer Life

by - March 04, 2021

Hey Blog Fam,

Today, like the topic already indicated, we’re talking about how to get more intimate with our Father by talking with him.

I know a lot of us see or hear people who say they pray for two hours straight and you are wondering if you can ever be like that too, especially if you have never prayed for twenty minutes on your own.

A major thing that makes most of us believers not to seek God is because we think that certain people are expected to pray that much, or only some kind of people e.g pastors are those who have been called into ministry and so they need to create out time to talk to God.

Contrary to that opinion, we all have to seek God, not only because we are full-time minsters of the gospel,  and come to think of that word full-time, we are all full-time ministers of the gospel, just that pastors are pulpit ministers while the rest of us who go out to work have a ministry in the market place that doesn't involve the pulpit, if there is one thing is common to us all, it is the fact that we are all full-time ministers and children of God.

The enemy of our soul launches his attacks on us all, and he doesn't care if you're a pastor or just some random guy in the ushering department, or just some lady who sings in the choir.

If there is one weapon in our arsenal that we believers can't afford to joke with, then it is prayer. 

With that been said, let’s jump right into how you can have a consistent prayer life.

1.        1.   It Is Not A Day Job

The human mind loves going from zero to hundred in a few moments, but for anything that must be sustained, it can’t be so. 

For you who have never prayed for thirty minutes on your own before, then after you hear a powerful sermon, you get all geared up and you write in your to-do list for the next day how you want to pray for two hours stretch.

More often than not, such steam usually don't last

No one who communes with God for a long period of time  will claim that they have being like that from the beginning of their faith walk. 

It is a gradual process, and just like anything that is valuable, it will take time.

So instead of moving from no prayer life to spending three hours which you might not be able to sustain tomorrow, why not start from twenty minutes, increase to thirty minutes, then increase to forty-five minutes, before you know it, you’re already praying for one hour, and it can only get better from there.

This knowledge is important for every other thing you'll be reading in this post.


2.     2.   Go For Prayer Walks

Oh, Prayer walk!

I don’t know how I’ll have been consistent in the place of prayer if I don’t go for prayer walk.

Prayer walk simply means praying as you walk, while this is not only restricted to when you only find yourself walking on the road, but this means that you leave home specifically with the mindset of going to pray as you walk around. This can be within your estate, on your street, or around your neighborhood.

This is how I currently pray in this season of my life. 

Most of my days, when I come back from work, I get home, eat, chit-chat with my mom and sis, and change from my office clothes to a more casual wear, and off I go. I do this almost everyday.

My prayer life has increased extensively because of this.

If you’d like to adopt this method of praying, I wrote a more detailed post on prayer walk here.


3.      3.   Pray With Friends

This is another way you can get to pray consistently.

Have days of the week where you pray with some of your friends.

If you struggle to pray on your own, a friend in your core can serve as someone to lift your hands.

Even if you do not struggle with praying, praying with friends is still a very important key in maintaining a prayer life.

Nothing beats hearing your friends pray on top of their voice over the phone or even physically with you.

Talk to one or two of your friends and see if you can pull this off.

4.     4.   Have A Prayer Focus For Each Day Of The Week

My God!

This really helps.

I first knew this was possible when I heard the General Overseer of my church say that he always prays for the singles on a particular day of the week every week.


I have heard him say this a couple of times but I never paid attention to it, but when I wanted to get serious about spending more time with God in the place of prayer, the Holy Spirit reminded me of that.

So, what I did was, I took out my journal that day, wrote down each day of the week, then wrote down different categories of my life that I would be focusing on in the place of prayer on that day every week.

So on Mondays, I know what my prayer focus is and same goes for every other day of the week.

This has really helped me in praying for every aspect of my life, and it has made sure that every aspect of my life is prayer-covered.

Please note here that, this doesn’t mean that God can’t impress on your mind certain things you should pray about, on those days, the impressions you get in your Spirit must be duly followed, but on other days, the focus of the day helps gear you up to pray and you aren’t just wondering what you should pray about when you start praying.

Like every important aspect of life, our prayer life deserves all the intentionality that we can give.

Aspects of life you can pray about includes but not restricted to;

Your walk with God

Your Family (Present and future)

Your Financial life

Your friends

Your Mentors/ Mentees  

The body of Christ (Christians all over the world)

Your Career/ Academics

You should also have a day of the week where you are not asking for anything, but just thanking God.  


5.       5.   Be Consistent

H   How you can be consistent is by being consistent.

The fact that you prayed one hour yesterday doesn’t mean you have prayed for the next two days.

Consistency is key.

Get better everyday.

There will be days where the last thing on your mind is keeping up with your  appointment with the Father, but you still have to do it. 

Believe me when I say I don't feel like praying every day, since mine does not involve kneeling down to pray, I have to be actively involved, but I still go ahead and do it all the same.

If you only do things in your life to only when you feel like, you'll never do the things you want to do, so we have to pray even when we don't feel like it.

6.      6.  Pray At Every Opportunity

Since there is a focus for everyday, you can’t afford to waste any day, so as you go through your daily activities, pray. Pray on that focus, while the climax will be at your scheduled place or time.

Are you waiting for your friend at the restaurant? Pray

Do you have few minutes in between meetings? Pray

Keep talking to God, He never gets tired of hearing you talk to Him.

7. Turn Up The Music

Songs are a powerful tool, they can change someone who was crying to a happy person within minutes, and they can turn someone smiling to someone who is lookin sober in the next minute.

Engage the use of song in your communion time with God.

There are one-thousand-and-one gospel music ministers scattered all over the world who bring different dimension of God to us. 

If you're having a hard time praying or getting into the flow, a spirit-birthed song might be all you need to get your spirit man stirred up.

I trust this post blesses you.

There is so much light***

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