1st Quarter Is Ending, What's Next?

by - March 25, 2021


Hey Blog Fam,

Trust we're all doing great.

Sister girl wasn't here last Thursday, I was a little bit down physically, but we are feeling better now, to God be the glory!

Let's move right into today's post.

I know I am not the only one who feels like it was just yesterday when the year started and we were all pumped up with goals and the things we would want to achieve.

We set our smart goals, created structures that would make our goals achievable, but like play like play, three months is almost rolling out of the new year that came to us.

At this time, most organizations are already planning on having a quarterly review, for some it will be just a day, while others will take longer period of time to be able to measure the growth or decline that they have recorded in the first three months of the year.

I sincerely believe quarterly review is an integral part of every life, not just something some multi-millionaire company do, but something essential for anyone who is building anything worthwhile with his/her life.

A quarter is almost ending out of the four quarters we have have in a year, what are you supposed to do?

Take a full day off everything you're doing, even if you don't have the luxury of having a full day off to yourself, how about having three-six hours for yourself.

Go back to the goals that you wrote down when the year was starting, look at them and measure your growth by yourself.

You said you would pray more this year, have you been able to do that?

You said this is the year you are reading the bible through, are you still on track, or have you missed more than 35 days in your plan already?

You said this is the year you'll be hitting your first seven-figures or eight-figures through savings and investments, look at how far gone in the right direction that you are.

You said this is the year you'll be reading two books per month, are you on your sixth book at the moment?

Are you hitting all your targets?

Is there something you are not doing right?

Most people do not like to review their goals because it makes them feel like failures, this is because sometimes life doesn't go as planned, believe me when I say I fully understand how you feel.

At the beginning of the year, you wrote down your goals and it was looking so real that you could almost touch it, then three months down the line, life makes it  look like you were just joking when you  wrote those things down.

I know how much it hurts to even look at those goals when you're in a season where you are just living a day at a time, but irrespective of that, you still need to review those goals.

While disruptions happen, things that we didn't plan for happens  sometimes, but in the midst of it all, you must keep moving forward. The destination in itself is not what we are striving for, it is the process, so enjoy all of it. 

Are you smashing your goals in every aspect, well done! Keep up the good work.

Do you need improvement in some areas, by all means, please be truthful to yourself.

For those who live in Nigeria, Easter break is coming next week Friday, and it comes with two days off work, both the Good Friday and Easter Monday, don't just use those days to go visiting and binge watch several films on Netflix or YouTube, all of that is good, but your life is more important.

Take out some hours of that free time to review your life, take stock!

The year is running out fast, and either we do anything with the time or not, it won't wait for us, so the best we can do is to make sure we are using the time well, and we are to make sure that we are moving in the right direction we believe God will have us move in this season of life.

Before we know it, December is here, but before the year ends, let it be said of us that we did the best we were strengthened to do. 

A year well spent doesn't just come, it is as a result of consistent moves in the right direction.

All will end well...

There is so much light***

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