To The Lady Whose Father Was Never There

by - February 04, 2021

The union between a man and a woman is meant to typify the union between Christ and the church, but as the years roll by, we have come to see some couples pulling out of this union thereby leaving the children without the stability that comes from a family that is closely knitted. 

Mothers are as important as Fathers, and the fact that one of them can't bring a child into the world without the other shows that the child needs both parents, and while there might be reasons why either of the parent is not around, the child is the one who bears most of the brunt.

From times past, girls have always loved their daddies, it is just what it is. It's not unlikely for you to hear a 60 years old woman calling herself a daddy's girl. There is this security that comes from the daddy-daughter relationship, and it's quite saddening that some ladies don't get to enjoy this because of one reason or the other.

Some months back, I read a book where the author was a lady with an absentee father, a man who after he got separated from the wife was never there for her.

While the man was never there for her, he wasn't only absent, but he never supported her mom and herself or provide any care for them

While all of these might look unimportant to someone looking at it from outside, but it is very important to a girl-child because the father is her first idea of what a man should be. If she has an honorable father, she'll see all men as honorable, and if she has an abusive dad, she'll see all men as abusive.

Are you a lady with a father who was never there, these are my thoughts to you;

1. God is Your Father

I do not have an absentee father, but even as responsible as my dad is, I have come to discover that there is only so much that he can do.

No mortal man can be all-in-all or do all things for you.

Your biological dad was not there, fine, he has behaved how best he knows how to, it is now left to you to decide if you'll allow that decision or lack of his presence to alter the course of your life.

Find a father in God.

Earthly fathers, no matter how responsible have their limits, they can only do so much, turn to the limitless God.

And to think that these fathers run to him too on their weak days, why not turn to Him?

2. Seek Healing 

Either you'll want to admit it or not, the fact that your father didn't grow up with you will create a need in you, and this need can drive you into doing all sorts of things in a bid to satisfy it. 

It can lead you to looking for love in all the wrong places, but so you can be a person who is whole, seek healing.

It's an eyesore that ladies whose father wasn't there for them look for fathers in every male around, and because that search is from a place of hurt, there is every likelihood that a good choice wouldn't be made.

Talk to God.

Talk to a therapist.

Attend seminars

Read books

Move closely to a family and see the way family should be

Just make sure that before you seek love, seek healing first.

3. Ask God For A Father

Yes, God is ultimately your father, how about you ask him to lead you to someone who will be able to be an extension of his hands to you.

It is not just enough to feel you can do it all, there is still a void of a father that needs to be filled, so ask for who will fill it.

This person might be your local assembly pastor, some older man at work, or someone you know. 

Incorporate this need into your prayers and you'll be shocked how God will bring a father to you.

*** So Much Light***

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