Do To Others What You Want Them To Do To You|| A Personal Experience

by - February 25, 2021


This is such a profound rule for life and living, and the fact that it is from the pages of scriptures takes it to a greater level.

I sincerely think this rule will profit humankind if only we can think about this first before taking actions, or allow every action of ours to come from internalizing this thought. 

There are so many things we will start doing or stop doing only if we can live by this principle.

To the gist of the day...

So, at work, among other things I do, I help sign the form of some people, I help make sure the money the company wants to give them gets into their hands after their service. Let's just say I am in the middle of these men and the company I work with.

So, they came to do their job as usual and it was time to help them sign so they can get their money, I got to the accounts department of the company only to be told there was no cash at the moment and if I could hasten up, another lady who was going to the bank will be able to help deposit the money into my account and I'll be able to pay those men.

That was how I went into overdrive, I quickly wrote the voucher, ran back to make a duplicate for record keeping, it was when I was rushing to get the documents stapled together, then it dawned on me that I was rushing to get this thing done.

I remember telling my colleague who also doubles as a friend that I wonder why I am running o, on top money that is not even my own, she then mentioned that it was because I am human (In yoruba, she said Eyan ni e).

That statement of hers got me thinking.

I could very well have been slow about the whole process, at worse if the lady goes to the bank without my cheque, then we can always pay them later.

I realized that I was only behaving to them in a way I would want others to behave to me if I were in their position.

If someone was in charge of my own paycheck, I'd want that person to go all out too.

Amdist every thing we are to do in life, and combining them with all the balls we have to juggle, some of us have lost that touch of being human.

Do you want to recieve more gifts, give more gifts out too.

Do you want others to dash you money, dash others money too.

Do you want unknown people to pray for you, pray for people who don't know you too.

Do you want people to be kind to you, be kind to others too.

Do you want a faithful spouse, be a faithful spouse too.

Will you want someone to support you when you have a business, do same to someone around you who just started a business.

Will you appreciate if someone stood close to you during your challenging times, stand close to people going through challenging situations too.

Whatever it is you want, just do it to someone else.

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

I sincerely think the world will be a better place if we all treat how we want to be treated.

Bear in mind that the person you did good to will not necessarily be the one to repay it back, God has his ways of ensuring you get paid back. Trust him on this one. He's got you covered.

As you want people to do unto you, do to them!

There's so much light***

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