My Thoughts To You As We Start A New Year

by - January 14, 2021


I hope it is not too late to say a Happy New Year To You.


It feels just like yesterday when I mentioned that the Blog was going on a break to resume today, time really flies.


We are already 14 days into a new year, and while there is nothing we can do about the times that have been used up in the year, but we very well can decide what will be the outcome of the remaining days of the year.


Here are my thoughts to you as the year continues to roll by.


 1. Don't Joke With Your Relationship With Jesus




Create out time for the Lord amidst the hustle bustle of your life.


There is nothing on your table that will be able serve to as a tenable excuse as to why you neglect your  relationship with God.


I know there are bills to be paid which won't get paid if you decide to spend all your waking hours in church, but that is no excuse to stop following closely after the Lord.


Going to a physical building called church can help grow your relationship with the Lord, but it isn't only limited to that, what do you do when you’re outside the four walls of the church? 

At the end of the day, He is the only one who truly matters.



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2. Have A Focus


This is akin to having a goal, and while you might not be able to fully decide what happens, but deciding to live life without a goal is you accepting to wander through the year aimlessly and this isn't a great option.


So to have a great year, set goals around important areas of life, which includes but not limited to;


-Your spiritual life

- Your financial life

- Your health

- Your Marital life

- Your Career

Create goals around these important aspects of your life and create structures that will see that you are able to achieve them.


I understand perfectly well that seasons of life are different, and there are seasons where God wants you to major on a particular aspect of your life, so if this is you, by all means, major on what the Father has highlighted for you.


I am also aware that life doesn't always go as planned, but it will be great to have goals to serve as a guide. Imagine if football players don't have a goal post, how will they be able to measure who wins a football match?


Absolutely no way! So, set goals.

Please remember, setting goals alone won't help you achieve the things you want to achieve, you will still need to work out your goals.


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3. Don't Waste Time


Everyone in the world do not have all things in equal proportion, but if there is one thing we all have in the same measure, it is Time.

Last year is gone, a brand new year is upon us, say yes to intentional living and no to just taking life as it comes.


Write a daily to-do list, focus on your focus, and don't waste this precious commodity called time!


Recognize what your time-wasting activities are and deliberately begin to starve them while replacing them with productive things.


This year looks so great, you can choose to have a great year or not by the things you do or don't do. So, please make a wise choice.


It promises to be a great year on the blog as we will be posting a new Blogpost every Thursday except when stated otherwise. Do expect great post as it relates to faith, lifestyle and everything in between.


So, this is me saying; Have A Great Year!


So Much Light!



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