How To Read The Bible In One Year

by - January 21, 2021

Still in the spirit of new year resolutions, I know a whole lot of people have reading through the entire bible as a spiritual goal.

Prior to last year, I have read bits and bits of the books in the Bible, there are certain books of the bible that I had done a study on but I just couldn’t seem to be able to read the whole bible to completion.

Permit me to tell you that reading or studying the bible isn't the role of pulpit ministers alone while the rest of us can just go about our day-to-day affairs. 

Not at all. 

The Lord desires that we ALL know him for ourselves. God isn't supposed to be only your Pastor's God, but yours as well. This is not down playing the role of teachers and mentors who have gone ahead of us in the faith. I told my mentor how this was one of my spiritual goals and also shared it with him when I finally read the last day of my plan. 

So, in year 2020, for the umpteenth time, I wrote in my journal how I was definitely going to read the bible through. And finally, I was able to do it for the first time ever, so let me share these five tips with you to get it done.

1.    1. Have A Why

Yes, there will be days you feel stuck at some point, especially when it’s mid year and you know longer have as much energy as you had when the year was new, but one way to see that you are able to get this done is by having a concrete reason.

One reason I wanted to read the bible through was because there were too may heresies flying around here and there.

People having a particular idea, or belonging to a particular school of thought and then projecting them as the truth. I wanted to know what the scriptures was saying as it relates to life for myself, not what someone somewhere was saying. 

Let’s just say I wanted to know God for myself.

I know there are others reading the bible so that they can be able to sound knowledgeable during bible study sessions, but this shouldn’t be you, pursue knowing God’s word as a means of knowing your Father and becoming one with him. 

While there are times he might give you the opportunity to share out of the deposit on your inside, but God himself is the goal


2.    2. Don’t Quit

While this point is kinda similar to the first one but they are quit different. 

While your Why makes you want to pick your device/Bible at the time you have said you would, but there are times when having had a lot on your plate.

It's possible that in the midst of life and living, you start missing reading the portions you are supposed to read, and before you know it, you are so far away from finishing the portion, but that isn’t a time to quit, it is a time to keep pushing and making sure that you see this to completion.


3.    3. Create/Join A Tribe

Nothing beats the good that can come out when different people with the same focus come together to get something done.

This is one thing that really helped me read the bible through for the first time ever.

I belong to this ladies ministry, and when at the beginning of 2020, they brought out a plan of reading the bible through, I quickly hopped in. 

While a group created for this purpose will help give you the push you need, but remember that you will still need to pick up the and read it for yourself.

Yours might not even be a tribe or group, it might just be you and a friend.

4. Be Committed To Your Mode Of Reading 

One reason why a lot of people don't make an headway with reading the bible through is because, today they are reading on their phone, then the next day, they are reading their hard copy bible. 

Doing this will only take you one step forward and two steps backward, as you wouldn't be able to stay consistent.

When I was reading the bible through last year, the app that was in use in the ladies group I belonged to was online, I downloaded the offline version of the plan and I kept reading.

Juggling between reading on phone today and reading the hardcopy bible tomorrow will only make you tired all together. 

Pick one and then stick to it. 

5. Ask The Lord For Help

You already know this point has to appear, right?

There are so many honorable things you want to do, you have all your strategies and plans all figured out but then, you just can't seem to be able to get them done.

Continually ask God for help. We can't get much done without the help of the Father.

Our God desires that we all know him for ourselves, and we definitely will.

And they will not need to teach their neighbors, nor will they need to teach their relatives, saying, ‘You should know the LORD.’ For everyone, from the least to the greatest, will know me already. Hebrews 8:11

There is so much Light

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