Tips To Help A Partner Who Is A Poor Dresser

by - November 05, 2020


One of the thing that makes relationship great is the fact that both the man and woman are from different backgrounds and so have different perspective to things, while this might make the relationship more fun as there are two people who totally have different ideologies to things, but this fact can also be the bedrock of disagreement.

Talking about looking great at all times, some individuals have gained so much mastery over their appearance and have found what was works for them, but others haven’t gained so much mastery. 

Jude had grown up seeing ladies wear good looking clothes, his mom and three sisters are always looking all put together at all times, Lola on the other hand grew up among two brothers and had some point started dressing like a tomboy to be able to blend with her brothers.


Jude went to the bank to settle some major debits the bank had been making on his account, while he was at the bank, he meets Lola who is one of the account officers in the bank. He collects her number to be able to reach her as regards his account, but he had hidden agendas, one thing led to another and after some months they get engaged.

Few months into the relationship Jude can’t seem to believe that he is engaged to a lady who doesn't even know the size of her gown.


The issue of dressing might seem very minor but it can definitely become something major especially when two lovers aren’t on the same page concerning it.

As you read on, bear in mind that anybody can change, even the worse dress-sensed person can become a great dresser just with a little push in the right direction.


What should you do if you want to help a partner who is a poor dresser? Here are five suggestions:



1. Communicate


Talk with your partner


Have a heart-to-heart communication that centers around your love for them but how (s)he isn't dressing well as you would appreciate.


Watch your tone and make sure you are not being judgmental so that the other person doesn't see it as though you aren't proud of them.

I was once in this shoe of being judgmental (I’ll share it one day in the nearest future).



2. Send Pictures 


Do you see pictures of clothes that will look good on your partner?


Then send it to them.


After you have talked it out, (s)he might sincerely want to get started but doesn't even know where to start, so send recommendations to them.


They might not end up buying that particular piece of clothing, but it will get their creative side in motion.



3. Buy What You Want


Is your lady wearing skirts that make her look 47 at 27, then you might want to take the bull by the horn and just buy what you know will look good on them.


New skirts.


New gowns.


New trousers if she wears them


New shirt for the man (this kind be a little tricky especially when buying shirt for a tall man)


New tie


Get a male or female friend to recommend a fashion designer that knows his/her onions and ditch your partner's tailor. The reason your partner’s tailor-made clothes haven’t been coming out right might be because of the person who sews the clothes


I'll suggest you stay away from buying underwear especially if you are not married. 



4. Send Money For A Wardrobe Overhaul


The reason why the lady might not be looking as put together as you want might be due to the fact that she is on a very tight budget.


He might be trying to pay off car loan at work, or saving money for another degree and can't seem to part with a naira to spend on clothes.


This is where your help comes in.


Sending of money should go both ways, as the man can send to the lady, and lady can send money to the man as well.


Be sure you are in a committed and defined relationship so that you don't have regrets of the money you spent except of course you love charity.


Dressing is an important part of life, and we all have to consistently up our game in this aspect.


Are there other ways to help our partner’s dress better that has not been addressed in the post, do share your thoughts with us.


So much light ***

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