5 Pratical Tips To Help You Stop Dreading Mondays

by - November 19, 2020


I was on Facebook recently, and a lady made a post about how she didn’t understand where the weekend flew to, that literally means the weekend went by too fast.


From the interactions on her timeline, I  realized that most people who work Nine-five also have this challenge too.


You’ll agree with me that Thank God It's Monday is not as common as Thank God it's Friday. I doubt if you have never heard Thank God It’s Monday.

While both days are just like any day of the week, one of days is dearly loved and the other is awfully dreaded, like some people begin to have headaches once it is Sunday evening in anticipation of  the week day that comes right after it.


This doesn't have to be you; you can look forward to Monday without any feeling of dread.


So, if you would like to know how to go about this, then keep reading.



1. Limit Your Online Presence During The Weekend


This is a personal rule for me that have helped tremendously in making sure I am well rested and all pumped up before the beginning of another week.


Stay off major social media especially the ones that bombards you with too much news.


I for one stay offline till late in the night on most weekends, the only exception is when I receive a call from work to submit a report and because I have a commitment to my employers, I come online to send my report and then go back offline.


Though I'll admit that it is easier to stay totally offline till a stipulated time than it is to come online and then switch off your data.

So, if your lifestyle permits you, stay offline on most weekends. You'll be able to literally increase the days in your weekend by doing this.



2. Have A List Of Things To-do 


The list is not supposed to limit the fun or the rest you will be having, but it only makes sure that you rest alongside doing other great things that your work schedule might not have allowed you to do during the week.


If you have a job that is very demanding, it is only expected of you to do the things that really matters to you during your weekends.


The list does not necessarily have to be anything fancy or overwhelming, they should just include what you will want to do.


It might include


  •         To tidy up my room
  •         Spend two hours in intercession
  •         Read my book for the month for one hour
  •      Spend two hours watching a great movie

This is only a guide; you can modify the list to suite your personality.


One reason you might be dreading Monday might be because you haven’t used your weekend well, if you constantly do the things you really want to do, you might end up eagerly looking forward to Mondays, and even if it doesn’t become your favorite day of the week, you would be able to stop approaching it with a sense of dread.



3. Arrange Your Clothes For The Week During Weekend

Since you are not online and that gives you extra hours to do the things that really matter, also use that spare time to sort out the clothes you’ll be wearing for your week. 

Doing this makes you feel more in control.

There is just this thing about arranging your clothes during the weekend, most likely Sunday, you feel ready to take the week heads on.



4. Do Other Things That Makes You Feel Happy

You definitely can’t control your weekdays to a large extent especially if you are in paid employment, but your weekends are yours to do what makes you truly happy.

You might not be able to play ball after work hours but you definitely can incorporate that into your weekend.

Yours doesn’t have to be playing of ball, you know what makes you happy, try to incorporate them into your weekend.


5. Learn To Be At Peace With your Colleagues/Superiors And Enjoy Your Job

Every job has its high days and low days, there are days when you feel so good and you look forward to staying in the corporate/business world for a long time, and there are other days when you feel so overwhelmed with work-load that you feel like typing your resignation letter almost immediately.

Trust me when I tell you that I have been in the two extremes.

Even when you have superiors that are hard to work with, try to look for a way to be able to have a good relationship with them, because if you don’t, it will make you detest your job and it will make you dread every new week.

Love the things you have to do at work as well as learn to be friendly with the people you work with; both superiors and colleagues.

This will invariably help you look forward to coming back on Monday because you will be coming to a home away from home, and since you spend more of your waking hours at work, it is only wise that you have a cordial relationship with everyone.

While there are certain dynamics that must be put into consideration to the tips mentioned above, like your little children if you are married, school work if you are running a weekend program and so on. 

Whatever it is, you can still work with these principles, modify them to fit your lifestyle, have a great weekend, and resume to work on Monday with so much zest.

Cheers to more Thank God It’s Monday


So Much Light! 

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