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So, we started this series on the last post, if you missed it, you can read it Here

I apologize for not putting up a post here last week Thursday, there was a lot going on in my home country Nigeria, and I just had to stay offline for about four days, I know I could have scheduled the post to drop, but the whole situation was just so overwhelming that my going offline was sudden, I really do apologize. 

Hope I am forgiven? Thanks for saying yes.

So, back to today’s post.

Like we established in the last post about how important making plans alongside what we believe that the Father is drawing our hearts towards, and how our making plans or putting structures in place does not in any way mean that we aren’t dependent on God for the success of our lives.

Trusting God is essential, praying is also very important.

A wise man once said, praying without planning is like playing and not knowing.

It is like someone wanting to harvest rice after the four months planting period but then doesn’t want to plant. The man can pray all he wants for the four months planting and watering period, but if he doesn’t do anything about planting, he won’t harvest rice at the end of the four-months period.

1 Corinthians 3:6

I {Paul} planted the seed, Apollos watered the plant, but it was God who made the plant grow.

It will be sheer folly to keep crying out to God to bring increase or make grow a seed that Paul hasn’t planted and Apollos hasn’t watered.

A lot of things in life requires our input.

When making plans and setting goals, do well to make plans on what you can control so that you won’t end up becoming frustrated when things don’t go the way you want.

There are things that are totally in the hands of God to do for us, but there are a lot of things which are also in your hands to do.

If you are about to get started, go to a solitary place, if your room can accomplish that for you, that’s fine, if you need to go out of your home to get the serene environment that you desire, that’s fine too.

Take a look into your life, sit down with a journal and biro and then begin to write where you are at the moment in different aspects of your life; your spiritual life, your social life, your financial life, your career life, and as many aspects of life that are peculiar to you.

What courses are you supposed to start taking on your career path?

How many hours will you start devoting to pray and study the word in order for you to deepen your relationship with God?

Create out time to be on your own.

Have time to mediate. After the order of Isaac who was said to be meditating in the cool of the evening {Gen 24;63}

Create out time for personal retreats, it might be in your room or somewhere else, but just have time to be alone, reflect and just make plans.

Start accepting responsibility, stop shifting blames. 

In all your great plans, do well to have your ears tuned into what God is saying, you might have planned to stay on a job for five years to be able to have at least Ten Million Naira in investments before leaving, and you are sticking to the plan. But all of a sudden, you begin to sense in your spirit, or what I’ll call you begin to know in your knower that it is time to move even when you haven’t even stayed on the job for three years.

If you do decide to leave as instructed, you’ll definitely see that it will make sense even if it doesn’t go with how you have your life figured out.

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Trust that from now going forward, you’ll begin to accept responsibility and start doing grand things and awe-inspiring as the Lord helps.

Remember, in all the plans you make, continually pray that God’s will be established and that you do not plan your life outside God’s will for your life, because His ways and plans are so great and much better than anything we might have on our drawing board.

So much Light ***

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