Is Taking Responsibility For My Life Same As Not Trusting God?

by - October 15, 2020



I used to battle with this too.

I mean why should I plan my finances when I can trust God, confess positive and have the very amount I need delivered right into my account.

Some of us, having enjoyed supernatural supply at a point of need totally forget that while God causes miracles to happen but we are not to live life everyday waiting for one spectacular thing that will happen. 

It is continuous reliance on the supernatural at all times that has led some people to false prophets who guarantee them all they want even when they are not going to do anything themselves.

Yes, we expect to live a life of continuous favor, but that doesn't stop us from taking responsibility for our lives.

Mr John's wife is pregnant and he got informed when she was four weeks gone, he has another thirty-eight weeks to prepare for the birth of his child, he has a job that pays monthly income, but rather than putting a stipend aside that will accumulate over the period of eight months, he doesn't do anything about it, and when his wife suddenly calls that she has been rushed to the clinic and it seems the baby is about to come, that is when he goes into overdrive.

I am quite aware that there are times when life doesn't go as planned, but that shouldn't mean we should put structures in our lives or make plans. 

I wrote a post about when life doesn't go as planned, you can read it here.

What It Means To Take Responsibility For Your Life

- It means you have recognized that there are things God can do and there are things you must do too.

Salvation is free, it has been paid with Jesus' blood, but to access it, we need to confess Jesus as Lord and accept God's offer of salvation.

That is how it is with every aspect of your life too.

There are things God will do, and there are others you must do too.

Your walk with the Lord won't become consistent if you just leave it to chance

Your relationship with your significant other or friends won't get deepened if you don't give it the time it needs.

Your financial life won't receive a positive change if you won't look at your statement of account at the end of the month to see where your money is going into.

You have a responsibility too.

That you have plans is not same as not trusting God, your action on the other hand only shows that you believe what the Lord has said so much that you are comitted to seeing it materialize.

The Lord tells you that you are building a home for the orphans in your state, while you have faith that that word spoken from the mouth of the Lord will be done, but you also go and consult a real estate agent to know what it will cost and the best place for the orphanage home.

Is your meeting an agent a pointer that you don't trust God?

Of course not.

You have only proved that you believe what the Lord has said and you are committed to seeing it see the light of the day.

Most times, we take trusting God as something that would totally take all the things we are supposed to do and placing it all on God.

Our God is all powerful, he can do things without us, but He has chosen to do it With us, trust that he'll surpass our grandest plans.


My thoughts were all over the place, trust you were blessed.

So much Light.

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