How To Live A Full And Fulfilling Life

by - October 08, 2020


As much as we are on the planet, there will always be a lot on our desks and a lot craving for our attentions.

For Loveth, it might be balancing school work, fellowship activities, a business she is doing by the side and a demanding project supervisor.

For Sola, it might balancing life as a career woman, a mom, a chorister in church as well as a lady who convenes bible study for women every month in her home.

Paul has the responsibility of being a father, a boss at work and also a pastor in church.

There are so many times when there is just a lot to do with seemingly little or no time to get it done, and then we all start craving a particular thing; BALANCE. 

How do we do ALL the things we have to do and do them well is the question on every lips.

I’d share a thought that a woman I respect so much shared in a particular program I attended over a year ago.

She said, ‘To achieve balance, you must know what balls God would have you juggle at different times in life, if you can discern that successfully, then you would look like some one who has her life figured out.’

Yes, we admit that there are different things calling for your attention at every point in time, but one major mistake we often make is thinking that we have to do everything at the moment. It is almost impossible to get everything done at every point in time.

 Let’s look at ways in which you can get things done and then you can sleep ever night knowing in your very core that you are doing what you are meant to do at every point in time!



To prioritize or draw up the things you want to do, you must know how important the balls you want to juggle is, and to do that, let me take you through the Covey's Time Management Matrix.

Not everything is important at every time.

Some things are important and not urgent

Some things are important and urgent

Some things are not important but urgent

Some things are not important and not urgent

Oftentimes, while you think that you have to do everything at the moment; it is most likely that those things are not as important as you really think they are only if you can stop to peruse at it for a moment.

So when next you think there is a lot to be done, subject those things through this test.

Learn To Say No

After prioritizing and knowing what is important, learn when to say no.

When people hear say no, we are always quick to think that we are to say no to others, but often times, it is first saying no to those things our body craves for, and then saying yes to those which really matters to us.

Learn to say no to another extra hour of aimlessly surfing the net.

Learn to say no to that chit-chat that is adding nothing positive to your life.

Learn to say no to another extra hour of sleep especially when you have slept enough over night.

In other words, be disciplined!       

There is too much at stake if you aren't disciplined.       



Ask For Help

No award is given to someone in the grave, and to be able to stay on earth well enough to bless the world with everything God has deposited on your inside, then learn to delegate.

It wouldn’t be great that you rob the world of your gifts and talents because you have spread yourself thin across all boards.

Learn to ask for help when you need it.

There are also great people doing great things who are willing to help you only if you are ready to ask for their help.

People who live a whole life are people who have been able to leverage on the gift of people to be able to get things done.

If there are aspects of your life that you feel you are not doing so well in, then seek help in those aspects.


Look At The Bigger Picture

One of the ways you can make sure you never settle for less is to look at the option you’ll get if you decide not to have a thoroughly full and fulfilled  life.

Look at those around you at the moment, look at people living the kind of life you envision in your future and look at those people who are chief complainers; the opposite of what you want to become in your adult life.

Then choose which reality you would want to become in your life.

Then let the thought of that reality influence your every day life.

 Trust that we are strengthened by the Lord who gave the assignment.



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