5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Job

by - September 24, 2020


Entrepreneurship seems to be the big thing now with people who are entrepreneurs showing us the beautiful part of their world and claiming it's all smooth and rosy.

This particular one-sided story tops the reason why many are leaving their jobs to embrace it.

There are some other few who are not thinking of going into entrepreneurship but are thinking of switching jobs.

Whatever side of the coin that you belong, do come with me on this journey.

1. Has This Job fully Accomplish Its Full Course?

Yes, this is one big question to answer.

A senior colleague of mine at work started working as a fresh undergraduate with the company I work with, he was an accounting student and right there on the job, he started his ICAN, got chattered, started his MBA, and combined it with his job, passed his exams, finished that program and then left the company.

It isn't just enough to want to quit your job because it is stressful, or because they are not treating you fairly I know there are days when different tasks come in from left, right, front, back and center literally and you just feel like dropping the letter and going home.

I sometimes feel that way, but one thing you should remind yourself is if the present job still allows you do the things you consider worthwhile, then you can still decide to stay on the job.

2. What are the advantages of the next company over the present

May you not go from fry pan to fire.

That prayer is not to instill fear into you but for you to weigh your options well.

In the new position you are aiming for over there, is it better in all ramifications to the one you are leaving.

You and you alone knows what is important to you, and it is in your best interest to look at it closely.

3. Do You Have A Strong Back-up?

Finance experts have told us overtime to make sure we have 6-8months of our basic living expenses stacked up somewhere before we can decide to call it quits.

You wouldn't want to become a liability on your parents and friends if you're unmarried or have your kids sent out of school because of lateness in paying bills.

The business you are contemplating leaving your current job for, are you sure it has grown enough to be able to sustain you?

It isn't okay to keep staying at a job only because you know that if you leave, you can't get by before your new job comes or you figure out what to do.

To cure this, embrace prudency, I shared some tips on how you can save more money in 2020, while saving in itself is not the end as it is only a means of making sure you have the cash at hand for investment and making your money work for you, but it is a good way to start to be able to imbibe the discipline, you can read the post here.

4. What is your why?

Are you leaving to start or grow your business?

Have you lost total vibe for the job?

Are you being called into full time ministry?

Are you travelling out of the country to further your education or to leave there?

Knowing your why is important as it will keep you sane on the days when the going gets tough. 

You'll be glad knowing you weren't coerced but made the decision on your own free will.

5. Are You Ready?

Are you ready to leave?

Do you have the skill set that can guarantee you a higher place in a another organization?

Have you evolved since the time you joined you present company?

Please answer those questions.

Those questions will help you introspect and help you decide if you are ready to move on.

One thing I strongly believe is when it is time to leave a job and go on, You Will Know! You will know it in your knower.

My prayer to all who desire to work with a company, but things aren't going right, trust that things will work out for you sooner than later in Jesus Name. Amen.

Have you ever had to quit your job or you're contemplating on leaving your job, do let us know in the comments section.

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