5 Great Books For The Christian Woman

by - September 17, 2020


My journey with books didn’t start today, I have been reading for over a decade, I just love reading books and while I have read some on recommendations, there are several others that I had to read firsthand for myself.

Reading is one of the ways in which we can get the information we need to be a better person that we have always wanted to be, it affords us the opportunity to see life and people through a different pair of eyes. It also gives us the opportunity to travel to places where our feet might never touch.

While the Bible still remains one book capable of transforming us from inside out, there are other books written by people who have gone through one experience or the other and have deemed it fit to documents their experiences and have them published to the world.

Let me share 10 great books that I have read overtime that you might also want to add to your personal library.

In no significant order, let’s dive into it!


1.     The Lady, Her Lover And Her Lord By T.D Jakes

This book is one of the books I consider life-transforming that I have ever read.

I read it first while I was in the university some eight years ago and the lessons are still with me ever since then. I first read it in the room of one of my campus executives and because of the great lessons I learnt in it, I went ahead to buy a copy for myself.

It talks about the relationship the lady is to have with herself, her lover and her lord.

It was in this book that I first saw that there are things only my Lord can do for me which my lover no matter how much he loves me can never do, and that putting that kind of burden on any man isn’t a good thing. 

There are so many lessons I learnt in the pages of that book that I believe your life will also appreciate if you can only pick up a copy to read.

You can get it for a little over One Thousand Naira or less if you’re in Nigeria. 

You can get it in any Christian bookshop, and if you reside in Lagos, you can pay a visit to Bible Wonderland in Surulere.

I can assure you that It will be a worthy investment as the book is worth every Naira you’ll sped on it.


2.     Beautiful In God’s Eyes By Elizabeth George

This is yet another great book I have read, it was written by a woman who has been married for over thirty years and through this book, I was able to see that everyone is beautiful in the real sense of the word.

I did an in-depth review of this book, you can read it here.


3.     Bad Girls Of The Bible By Liz Curtis Huggs

The topic of this book was what attracted me to it in the first place.

The first time I ever knew there was anything good to learn from the not-so-good characters in the bible was when I was the University and a brother said that as bad as jezebel was in the bible that there was still something good to learn from her.

I sat with rapt attention ad by the time he was through I couldn’t agree less, so when I saw the title of this book by Liz, I knew that it was a book I would want to read.

This is one of the books I have read this year and oh my!

The book started with analyzing the diverse characters that the book is all about.

The book talks about Eve, Rahab, Saphirra, as well as The woman at the well…

It talks about them and the various lessons we can learn from them as well as how we can apply the lessons to our modern day life, and also talks about their mistakes so that we can also avoid it.

I sincerely think every woman should read this book.


4.     Girls With Sword By Lisa Bevere

This is another book that I recommend greatly.

The book starts with painting a picture of someone who is a target without knowing.

This book opened my eyes to the fact that I am in a battle here on earth and it is high time I started living in the consciousness of that reality as the joke is on me if I think otherwise.

It mentions the various sword with which everyone can fight this battle with, and while we are not fighting to win, we are fighting from a stand point of victory.

I did a review of one of the chapters of the book that ministered to me, you can read it here.


5.     Power Of A Praying Wife By Stormie Omartian 

This is a book I think every lady both married and unmarried should create out time to read.

It has thirty-one chapters so you can choose to read a chapter per day so as to fully immerse yourself well into the book and get all the juices out.

I got my copy as a gift some months back and it was one of the most thoughtful gift I have received in a while.

It is not just a regular book as this book comes with a daily reading as well as prayer guide to end each chapter with.

There is another edition for men titled power of a praying husband, but because this is a list of books women should read, we will stick with the one women should buy.

This book will serve as a guide for you to pray for your husband, your significant other or even for the man whose name you don’t know yet. It will give you different aspects of his life for you to pray for.

I have said enough about this book, do get a copy and start praying and reading.


There you have it; 5 books I think every Christian woman should read. I’ll sure give another list of other books soon.

If you are someone who do not consider yourself a reader, I shared some tips that you can work with to help you become better at reading and hence improving your life through the life and experiences of others, you can read those tips here

Have you read other books that you consider profound and life changing but were not included in the list, do well to share with us in the comments section.

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