Do I Really Need Friends?

by - August 20, 2020

The day Ruth told me that she heard Sola tell someone I wasn't a good friend was the day I lost all faith in the word called  friendships. 

I sat down on the chair stunned listening to what Ruth was saying. 

I mean how can someone say so many wonderful things in your presence while still saying unthinkable things in your absence?

I just couldn't wrap my mind around it.

You might wonder who Sola is, she is my friend, she was the first lady I clicked with when I started attending God's grace chapel immediately I came back from NYSC.

She was a member of the choir and she had sang the choir ministration the day I attended service for the first time, the song was the song we sang in the last NCCF conference I attended in Kebbi State, and remembering all those memories made me so emotional.

I can't remember how we became close, but one thing led to another. We got very close to the extent that we started sharing each other secrets, not too long after that we became prayer prayer partners, we become so close that if we were members of the opposite sex, people would have said we were dating. 

There was nothing we couldn't talk about, from creams to the perfumes that made you smell like someone whose monthly income is on seven digits, to investment portfolios and the investment plans that were offering about 40%-55% in a year and everything in between.

I just loved her and we gelled well.

So you can imagine my shock when Ruth told me she called me a bad friend.

I mean this is a lady who has been my friend for over three years.

After that experience, I made the decision that everything called friendships and I are definitely going our separate ways.


Some of us have not been so good with friendships, while some people have been so fortunate to have great friends all through their lives without any betrayal, some haven't been so lucky. 

Some have had their closest friends stabbed them so hard as only a friend could.  

It's quite understandable that what they did was unjustifiable but is it enough to totally canceal out the role of friends?

Of course not.

That you got hurt by a person doesn't mean other great people don't exist in the world, but if you keep holding on to the hurt of yesterday, you won't enter into the prepared places of today.

Release The Hurt From Your Heart.

Do this, release that friend who has hurt you.

Look Forward To Having Friends

Life was never meant to be lived alone, it was supposed to be enjoyed in the company of others who love you and who are equally loved by you.

After man was created, one thing God saw about him was that it isn't good for man to be alone.

It is the enemy's greatest desire to keep you alone, because he understands the power that comes from having people around you,he understands the power that comes from having a tribe, and he'll keep fighting tooth and nail to make sure you are by yourself.

Don't let the enemy keep robbing you of the tremendous benefits that comes from having solid friends in your corner.

You can do well on your own, but with the help of others in your corner, you can do so much more.

Pray to God to have great people in your corner, eagerly look forward to it too.

Be Discerning

Not everyone who greets you can be allowed into your space.

I was listening to Rick Warren's video earlier in the week and the man who was the guest minister in that show illustrated the circle of friendships, he mentioned that there are casual friends, there are close friends and then there are are core friends.

Casual friends are your acquaintances whom you spend the least of your time with and they have the lowest influence on you.

Your close friends are people whom you spend more time with and they have a higher level of influence on you than the casual friends.

While your core friends are those you give more attention and spend more time with and they wield the most influence upon you.

Know which circle the people you call friends hitherto fall into ,and be careful to bring in someone else into your life without a pass in your spirit. 

Friends are very important part of our lives and thinking otherwise will be equal to denying ourselves the tremendous benefits that comes with great friendships.

... And yes, we really need friends in this life...

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