Lessons From The Movie Overcomer

by - July 16, 2020

Disclaimer: Don’t worry, this is no spoiler if you haven’t seen the movie. It will only create a thirst for you to go see it.

I finally watched Overcomer by Kendrick brothers.


I sincerely think it is a film everyone should watch.

Kendrick brothers are the same producers who produced the epic faith-based film called “War Room”.

I have heard so much about the Overcomer, and after some time I just suddenly took my mind off it especially when I searched on YouTube for it without any success.

Anyways, some weeks back, I asked a senior colleague who had subscription on Netflix App to allow me watch the movie on her phone, as I was watching it, I later asked her to let us download it since it wasn’t looking visible for me to finish watching the over two hours movie before the close of work, as she was downloading it, another senior colleague of mine came around and told me there was a particular website I could download, we started downloading it, and after it got downloaded and it was finally time for me to play it just kept showing black.

I couldn’t even cry.

I didn’t have success with downloading it and I didn’t finish watching it, so I was just stuck.

I left the office for home that day, when I got home, another colleague of mine that I had told about my interest in watching that film suddenly called me that she had Overcomer on her laptop. I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked questions to be sure we are talking about the same film.

After she answered in the affirmative, I couldn’t wait for the next day to come.

When I got to work the following day, she came straight to my office with her laptop and I copied it with my flash and excitedly looked forward to going home to watch it on my laptop.

Long story cut short, I got home earlier than scheduled, I ate my food and I switched on my laptop.

Seeing the intro playing on my laptop sent shivers through my body.

I had different reactions while seeing the movie.

I laughed.

I cried (Read wailed)

I got up from the almost two-hours movie with a resolve never to stop following after Jesus.

The choice of songs was so superb.

You Say by Lauren Diagle, you can listen to it Here

Who You Say I Am by Hillsong Worship, you can listen to it Here


Lessons I Learnt

1.       1.  People Change 

While I have learned over time that no one can do the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of another person, but this movie made it become more real to me that the Holy Spirit can do His work in the life of people, and when He does, he usually does a spectacular job in the life of people. It will then be left to us to believe His work in their life or not.

Thomas Hill; Hannah Scott’s father is an example of this.

Imagine a man who once impregnated a lady, ran away from her when she gave birth without ever looking back, and then several years down the line becomes a child of God.

So refreshing.


2.       2.  Being A Virtuous Woman Is Also About Keeping Quiet

Wisdom isn't only perceived in the words we say, it can only be known through our decision to keep quiet in the face of a heated argument. 

I particularly loved how John & Amy solved their disagreement after John had a pay-cut at work.

Such a level of maturity.

Amy sure did a good job there.


3.       3.  Only Christ Should Define You

When the lead actor; John Harrison lost his job and then by God-incidence met with Thomas Hill in the hospital, he was asked the question of identity. 

I think this is one question everyone at one point or the other should answer.

If someone were to ask you, Who Are You, What will be your response?

Will your response be solely based on the things you do, the great singer you are, the MD/CEO of a business that you built through thick and thin, the wonderful title of being a wife or a husband, or your lucrative job, or the great minister that you are?

What happens when those particular things that define you are stripped away?

Why not take the definition of yourself from someone who will never die, who has been, is, and will ever be.

Let your greatest sense of identity be in Christ, all other things can leave, the job, the ministry, the applauds from men, the children, the spouse, but only in God will remain.

When you find your identity in the One who created you, it changes your perspective on everything.


4.       4.  Your Support Of Your Husband Isn’t Only Church-Based

Most faith-based films I have watched over the years have always had the main character in church ministry or something that had God clearly written on it, and the woman also acts a virtuous minister’s wife or the wife of the senior pastor. But this film brings a twist to it by modeling how wives can give support to their husbands who are not into full-fledged ministry.

While some people will be called into expressions that have God explicitly written on it, others will have a calling that doesn’t have God written boldly on it. So, it becomes the responsibility of the significant other to still model what a Godly partner should look like in that dimension.


5.       5.  We Are An Overcomer In Christ


This is our reality, and no matter what it is that is against us, God is for us and we will win!

We always win.

Regardless of how your background might look like or what might have happened in times past, once you step into Christ, you are destined to win.


6.     6.  God Is With You Every step of the way.

How Thomas Hill was able to coach Hannah during the state cross-country shows that God is with his children every step of the way.

He loves us, and He wants the best for us.

And if we can only live life on his terms and follow all his instructions, do the things he tells us to do per time per season, then we will definitely emerge a winner at the end of our race here on earth.

This movie is so great that I even had to watch it for a second time for it to sink in.

It is indeed a must watch for everyone.

You’re An Overcomer!

Have you seen the Overcomer Movie? How was it, do share the lessons.



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