10+1 Random Facts About Me

by - July 02, 2020


Today's blog post is to get you familiarized with the face behind this blog. 

While there are various parts and experiences of my life scattered all over the blog, read on as I share some other facts with you.

1.   I am a twin    

You know those people whose mother gave birth to two children on the same day with minutes or hours interval, I belong to those people. 

I have a twin double.

Mine is a non-identical case, so my twin sister and I don’t look so alike. Her picture is on this post here.


 2.  I am both the first and the last born    

My family is a very small one where it is just my Dad, Mom, and Twin sis and I.

I am both the first and the last child of the house and same goes for her.

 3.  My Mom Is A Twin     

Yes, you read that right, I am a twin and my biological mother is one too. 

While I have a female double, my mom’s double is a male.

So if you want to give birth to twins, you know what to do abi (smiles) 

It’s so interesting watching my mom’s twin brother call her his younger sister and my mom also calling him her younger brother. If you have a twin friend or family member, you’ll be very familiar with this game twins play.


4. I Can Trek For Africa  

I sincerely think I can win an award for marathon walk in Nigeria or in Africa.

I love been on my feet, although not every time but for most of the time.

This is one of the reasons prayer walks are still one of the ways I pray for long.

I am sure some people in the sixties and seventies haven’t trekked the number of miles I have trekked within my short time on earth.

I used to joke with some of my friends that I think I have trekked enough for all my children and grand-children unborn. While this is purely a joke, I think it holds some form of truth considering the distance I have trekked in life.

I look forward to my prayers having such an impact on my generations unborn too.


5. I Have Never Tasted Sharwama  

Shawarma is like the next snack everybody eats and it is only funny that I have never tasted it.

I remember on my way from work one day, a particular shawarma vendor was trying to get me to buy what he was selling and he was telling me to come and buy shawarma from him because his shawarma is very hot. In my mind I was just laughing because either shawarma is supposed to be hot or hold, I have never tasted it. Pizza falls into this category of edibles I have never tasted too.


6. I Love Amala and Abula

My love for that meal ehn.

Amala and Abula is a meal peculiar to a certain tribe here in Nigeria but I am certain I love this meal even more than those who are from that state.

I didn't grow up in the village o, my love for that meal came to be as a result of the home I grew up in. In my home, if we haven't eaten swallow also known as okele in a day, the day wasn't complete.


So, that was the life I was used to. 


I didn't even realize I loved eating Amala that much until I gained admission into the University and at some point my hallmates and I started to be cooking together. 


I was always clamoring that we eat swallow while they wanted something else. 


It became obvious that I was a special breed when on one of my sick days, a friend decided to take me out and of all the available meal, the one I choose was Amala.


My flatmates wouldn't let me have a breath of fresh air when I told them.


As I grew older, I found that when Abula is combined with Amala, it can create a wonderful memory for you.


There is a certain level of love and admiration for God that I feel whenever I taste that meal especially if I have not eaten it in a while. White rice and ata-dindin (fried stew) falls in this group too.


7. I Love  Reading

Way before it became popular that reading was an avenue through which you can develop yourself, I have loved reading.

I shared my journey with books in a recent post which you can check out here.

I still feel a sort of excitement when I go to bookshops that sells the kind of books I read.

My favorite authors are Elizabeth Elliot, Francine Rivers, Ife-grace Dada, T.D Jakes, Lisa Bevere, Taiwo Iredele Odubiyi. I have been tremendously blessed reading books by these ones and a host of others. I’d do a review of great books I have read very soon.


8. I Studied Microbiology In The University

This is quite contrary to what someone coming to the blog for the first time might have, but the fact remains that I don’t have an English background, I studied a science-related course in the Uni.

It is a course where you get all familiar with different microbes and their names and functions in human life amidst other things.

I might still explore the mass media world in years to come, but I rest in the assurance that at this stage of my life, God has all things figured out.



9. I Love Prayer Walk 


My love for prayer walk is not from here. 

While there have been times in the times in the past when I haven't been so consistent, but it is one of the disciplines the Lord is teaching me in this season of my life.  

I love the energy that comes from praying at the top of my voice with no one eavesdropping on my conversation with God.



10. I Was Really Spanked As A Child 


Yes, I was the stubborn one. 


My twin sister is the definition of cool, calm and collected while I was just the exact opposite. 


There was a time that no week ever went by without being flogged.


I used to envy those children I saw on television who had the luxury of calling 911. I live here in Nigeria where we don’t have that luxury


I remember those days of wishing I could just faint or something should just happen to me so that my mom can regret beating me. But nothing like that ever happened as she was always declaring that she got me (us) from God so nothing could ever go wrong with me. 


My mom would be beating me while praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over me. I need to know I am not the only person with a mom like this. Biko signify if your mom and mine are in the same WhatsApp group. 


Thank God, we no longer get flogged.


We haff grow. 



… And the extra one…



I Love Disturbing My Dad. 


I really love doing this.


My friends are fond of telling me to enjoy it while it lasts before they bring yam to take me away from him and I don't even get to see him talk less of disturbing him. 


Everyone should just leave me alone, shebi it is my hobby not theirs. 




That’s a little about me for now.



What is the new thing I shared that you didn’t know about me?


What will you like to know about me?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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