My Journey With Reading Romance Novels

by - June 25, 2020

I read my share of romance novels ehn.

I was invited recently to be a guest on an online TV program, and one of the questions I was asked was how romance novels contribute to sexual purity.

I smiled at that question because it brought back many memories of about ten years ago.

Let me give you the full gist…

After my Junior school exam, during the break before I resumed back for the senior school, I suddenly discovered my LOVE for reading, due to the fact that I had a lot of time on my hands with little or nothing to do. After a while, I had read every book that appealed to my eyes that was in the house and I wanted more.

Fast forward to when I finally resumed into senior school, the new love I had discovered while sitting at home soon had me on the lookout for books I could read, not too long after that laid my hands on books that were usually in circulation around that time; romance novels. It wasn't long before I became a confirmed romance novel reader.

Till tomorrow, I still don't know Boyle's law and all those other laws that was taught in chemistry and physics classes, don't blame me, blame it on my using those times I should have used reading my chemistry books but that was used instead to finish a novel I had hijacked at closing time and had to return to the owner the next day.

I was a romance novel addict from Senior Secondary 1{SSS1} till I got to Senior Secondary School 3 {SSS3}. There were days I read 2-3 novels in one day. I was that good (or let me say that bad).

I didn't have a boyfriend, I wasn't sleeping with anyone, so you can imagine the sexual frustration I was taking myself through.

Fast forward till when till when I had to go into the University, during my Post-UTME (This is an exam you write in your tertiary institution of choice after you have passed JAMB), the room of the undergraduate I slept in when I was there for my exam was filled with books, I don't think I slept till about 4-5 in the morning because I was reading.

I was so excited to see so many books.

{I still feel that sort of excitement when I walk into Bible Wonderland at Surulere where I buy books now, I always wish someone will just kindly lock me up in the BIG bookshop and go home}.


In that man's room was where my liberation came, it was then I realized that although I loved reading, but my addiction to romance novels only came to be because that was the only books I had access to at that time.

Thank God I gained admission that year and coupled with the fact that my fellowship campus had a functioning Godly library, I was finally able to overcome that bad habit of reading romance novels.


Is reading novels bad?


Not at all, I still read them, but reading romance novels that is sex film in print is what I have stopped doing. 

Reading those kind of books won't help you at all, it only shows a particular side of life, it paints life as though sex is the ultimate thing which isn't entirely true as there are other aspects of life asides bedroom matters or what goes on behind closed doors.


There are books authored by Christians which talks about relationships but within boundaries which the average romance novel lacks. There are even some principles for life and living that you get to take away from reading those kind of Christian-centered novels. 

I’d write a post on some books which have helped me overtime, do look out for it.


You love to read, but you necessarily don’t have to spend all your time on books painting a woman’s shape or how the man is giving the woman pleasure in bed, you can channel that same vigor you use in reading x-rated magazines into reading books that will add value to your life.

That habit didn't just go away, I had to replace it with other godly alternatives, I can't even remember the story line of some of those romance novels I read back then as more godly books have been stored up in my heart over time. So, with every bad habit you are trying to break, try replacing it with a positive one.

I no longer read romance novel, I can't even remember the last time I read one, probably7-8 years now. 

I never thought I could stop reading it when I was in secondary school, as I was literally addicted to it for about 3 years of my life, but I was able to stop, and so can you. You can stop whatever ungodly habit you have now.

You can’t want to be sexually pure while you consistently keep reading books that are not pure, you’d just end up deceiving yourself.

If you are struggling with any sexual sin, talk it out with God, look for someone you can be accountable to, watch those things you feed your mind with, and be determined.

If there are ungodly things around you that triggers those experiences, begin to deliberately replace them with godly alternatives, we have a lot of godly alternatives now. 

With God on your side, it will only be a matter of time before that bad habit becomes a thing of the past.

I stopped mine, with God’s grace, you can too!

Remember, you can do all things through Christ which Strengthens you...

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