Lessons from the life of Dorcas

by - June 30, 2020

Acts 9:36-43

Dorcas; a name synonymous to a woman with a large heart.

My biological mother bears this name too.

The name Dorcas was only mentioned in a particular chapter of the bible but the lessons from her life are so great.

The first that was said about this woman after her name was the fact that she was a believer, it wasn’t just about any other thing but about Christ and all that the kingdom represents. It is not enough as being known just by our carrying bibles or being the one who prays the loudest in our flat, but in what ways is our profession as believers benefiting those around.

The scriptures moved on to talk about the fact that she was always doing good things for others, this great woman wasn’t self-centered, she was often times seen going about doing other things for others.

Point of reflection; what are you doing?

In what ways are you concerned about the well-being of the people around you?

She was doing good to the poor. To be able to do this means she saw herself as being blessed, to give to others isn’t just about the things you have or about the wealth you have been able to accumulate for yourself. What really matters in the grand scheme of things is what portion of the things you own that you are willing to give out.

And when we really think of it, we don’t really own anything, as all we have comes from God and out of his own do we give back to him and the people around us.

It was not recorded that Dorcas an extremely wealthy woman but to it is obvious from the account of the story of her life that she had a giving heart. She didn’t only give to the people who had and so would be able to give back to her too when she is in need. She was recorded that she gave to the poor; people who didn't have as much as she did, she went as far as giving to these set of people who had nothing else to give her knowing full well that it was God she was giving to and by so doing she put herself on God’s payroll.

You don’t have to have so much to be able to give to others.

There was an account of when Christ was on earth and he was in the synagogue, he saw how people were giving their offerings and were dropping it in the bowl, but after it all, he made a profound statement that it was a widow (a woman who had dropped just a mite) who have given the most. The rest had brought from their abundance, but she had brought all she had. It isn’t just enough to keep postponing when we will give to others, we can start where we are with what we have.

Back to Dorcas, she became ill and died just as it is the custom of everyone on earth, but what should have been the end of her life started another beautiful story of her life.

It was her friends; the people she had been kind to over time that prepared her body for burial and as a divine arrangement, it happened to be when Apostle Peter was around that town, it was still her friends who set people to Peter for him to come to her house.

The arrival of Peter met with the widows holding the garments that this great woman has made while crying.

Point of reflection; if anything happens to you today, are there people whom you have been kind to within your circle of influence who would go out of their way to see you restored?

What impact are you making in the life of people that will make them cry when you are no longer on this side of eternity.

If Dorcas hasn’t been good to others, her death might have been final. 

Most times, when we do good to others, we think that there are the only ones who have solely gained from we have done but often times, we also gain from the transaction all be it a different way.

Dorcas must have felt she was giving them without expecting anything in return as they didn’t even have anything to give her, but when she died, this people who had seemingly nothing to give her were those instrumental in her being brought back to life.

Many people got saved in that land after she was brought back to life on the basis of a named believer who was devoted enough to her master and it showed in her conduct and show of love towards others.

Dorcas was not a pastor or a great prophet; she was just a plain woman like you and I, someone who can be called a regular girl.

It isn’t everyone who has been called to public ministry or those who would stand in front of thousands of people in a church auditorium as they proclaim the gospel of Christ, but there is one thing we have all been given. We all have people around us who are in distress, people groping in darkness, people in need, and while we might not have access to the life of the millions of people on earth, but we sure have access to the life of one or two people around us, in what way are we faithful stewards of the resources that God has given unto us?

While I am a great advocate of being prudent with our finances and being faithful stewards of the wealth in our custody, but our being faithful stewards shows in the way we care about the people around.

A certain percent of our income should go into the life of others, life isn’t just about us.

Imagine for a moment that Dorcas was not the kind of person she was, she would have lived life, enjoyed it to the fullest, but when she died, there wouldn’t have been any one to go summon the apostle and her death would have been final.

While you might ever have the privilege of holding the microphone and telling a congregation about God, but we all definitely have people within our circle of influence, people whom the lord has brought into our corner at different times of our life, being able to be an ambassador of the kingdom to them is what really matters.

It is not just about fighting for the pulpit, but how far have we stewarded our gifts and talents to the people around?

You might not have everything, but you definitely have something to give.

Let’s live life in such a way that people won’t have to lie at our funeral.

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