Journaling And You

by - June 09, 2020

Habakkuk 2:2         

Write the revelation and make it plain on tablets, so that a herald may run with it.

NKJV Reads

Then the Lord answered me and said:

“Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.


Writing from ages past has been a way through which people document their thoughts.

Journaling is such a good way to bring all your thoughts to the surface and then go ahead to pour all your thoughts and innermost desires on paper.

I sincerely believe that journaling should be done for every aspect of our life, but we will be focusing on the spiritual life today.

The first time I ever heard the word God-said book the was when I attended a ladies hangout much earlier in the year 2020, and the lady who served as the host for the program was encouraging women to have a book like that.

Having a woman who has gone that far ahead in life and living recommending journaling affirmed that it must really be a big thing.


What Journaling Does For You?


It  Allows You See Things In A Better Light.

Writing sure helps you see things in a better perspective. What you thought was so bad might not look so bad when you finally put it on paper.


It Allows You Track Your Process/Progress

There are times that just by looking at the journal from previous years, you can say how much you have grown and how much progress you have made over the years.

It Helps You Keep Track Of All God Is Doing In Your Life

I have heard some ministers talk about going through the books that they have written down years before now, I even heard of a man who says that he usually goes on his personal retreats with his journals over the years. Imagine if the man didn’t write anything down, what will he have to go through now?

One of the good things about journaling is that as you go through life and you see things playing out as you have heard from God years before; it gives you confidence that the Lord who have accomplished things in the past will also get them done today.


I’ll encourage you get a paper journal as against journaling on phone or your laptop and this is because while laptops and phone can get faulty thereby causing you to lose all you have ever written on them in just an instant, books are a succor against occurrences like that.

Except in the cases of theft of misplacement, it is so much likely that you can still have a journal you used ten years ago than a phone or laptop you used at that time.

While writing comes second nature to some people than most, but do not allow this be an hindrance to your journaling.

Journaling helps you see things in hindsight when you finally pick them up.

Some good writers have almost 5-6 journals for every part of their life, but even if you don’t write so well, that shouldn’t be a challenge; you can get just one journal and begin to document your thoughts and what God tells you.

God is always speaking, but do you write those words down to be able to war with them?

As we go through life every day, as we spend time with God in prayers and meditation every day, there are so many light bulb moments that comes to us, so many impressions are brought into our hearts, and just like vapor, if we are not deliberate about trapping them down, it’s so possible that we might not be able to remember them the next day, the next week, the next month or even the next year.

Even if you don’t write so well, remember that your journal is first for your eyes only except if you want to share it with a larger audience, so write. Just be you while writing. No one is going to scold you for writing wrong grammars, just write!

Have a journal for different aspect of your life; this will help you track happenings in your life, and things that you might otherwise have forgotten will be brought to life through you seeing them where you have them written down.

Write the nudging you have in your spirit, write those imprints you have in your mind, write down that dream you saw at least as much as you can remember, just keep writing! Those words would stand as a testament few years from now. You’d bring those journals out alongside current happenings and you’d be able to measure how far you have grown and how much God has blessed you and increased you.

Have a journal, take it a step further by actually writing in your journal, years from now, they’ll stand as evidence to all you see playing out in your life.

I was in church sometimes last year and my pastor mentioned the fact that if God seems silent on a particular aspect of your life, you might want to bring out your journals and begin to peruse them, because there are high chances that most of those instructions you need for the now has been given to you years back only that at that point you might not understand it.

Imagine if you don’t write those things down those years ago, what will you fall back on now?

Just write, write as those words come to your heart, don’t worry about the grammar, but try to be as detailed as possible cos you’ll need them years from now.

As you journal, don’t just pick any book you see around, pick a great paperback, something that can serve you for years and not just a ten-paged paper anyone might be tempted to thrash.

Things to go into your journal; instruction, dreams/visions, impressions on your heart, and just about anything God is doing in your life at the moment.

Keep journaling, tomorrow looks great!




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