What I Learnt At A Conference I Attended

by - May 14, 2020

I love attending conferences and programs amidst other things to invest in my personal development, this is because I have come to realize that the degree of the quality of the life I live is proportional to the God I know and the information I have access to and use overtime.

One of such programs I’ll talk about is Singles and Married Time-Out; a program organized by Esther and Mayowa Omoniyi who are the national coordinators of Threshing House. 

SMTO is a program organized yearly by this ministry for singles as well as married people and this year’s edition was not in any way different.

There were two main speakers; an honorable justice who is a wife, mother as well as a judge in the court of law, and the second speaker Mrs. Sola Adesakin who is a financial expert amidst other things.

Before the day, when I saw On the e-flier that a judge was going to be among the speakers, I was excited as I looked forward to her bringing us real-life issues from what she sees in her day-to-day life and I wasn’t in any way disappointed.

The theme of the conference was UNSHAKABLE: House On The Rock


What I gained from the Honorable

1.       ~ Marriage is sacred and was instituted by God himself

2.      ~  God desires Godly seeds from marriage and that is why it is such a big deal

3.      ~  Preparation for the institution must be more of internal than external

4.      ~ Values must be well defined

5.       ~ Excuses should not be made for bad behavior in one’s partner or oneself

6.      ~ Marriage is as spiritual as it is physical

She also mentioned the different stages of marriage

~ Honeymoon stage

~Reality stage

~Cooperation stage

~Reunion stage

~ Explosion stage

One of the real-life issues she shared was about a man he suddenly woke up one day and decided that he was tired of his wife and children. He wanted a divorce and the matter was brought to the desk of honorable's table and although she dissolved the marriage based on what they wanted, she made sure the man kept paying the bills of the woman as well as the children. She went as liaising with the company the ma worked for so that the account was set up in such a way that the upkeep was deducted straight from his account even before the salary hit his account.

Part of me was excited that the man got just what he deserved and that the wife and children wouldn’t be subjected to suffering just because their father wanted out of his marriage, another part of me prayed against having to deal with that in my own marriage. I indeed left there with a renewed resolve to build my Home On The Rock.

Mrs. Adesakin’s session was lit!

She is a financial expert who loves to give her lecture using acronyms and the same was done during the SMTO. The word she gave was SINGLE and this is the breakdown

S- Structure

She advised us to put more structure into our finances.

Budgeting comes under this and I have written something along this path, you can read about it here.

She mentioned a profound statement under this point that I have held on to ever since then.

It was a response she gave to a frequently asked question about how we can do things even when the government structure is saying otherwise. The question was about how she was able to store up food in the fridge in her home despite the epileptic light situation we have here in Nigeria.

This is my understanding of the response she gave

If the system of the government is not working, do your own structure in such a way that the system around your own life is working’

I doubt if I’ll ever forget that statement my entire life.


I -Investment

This is spending on something that has economic value.

Investment was likened to buying something that will go into the future with you


N- Net worth

This is simply subtracting your assets from what you owe others.

If what you owe is higher than what you have, then you have a negative net worth, while if what you have is greater than what you owe then you have a positive net worth and the goal is to make sure you consistently stay within the positive side of the equilibrium.


G- Growth

To be able to increase your earning, then you need to grow. Increase your talent, skill, and knowledge.

Growth must be pursued in all aspects of life.


l- Learner

Be an all-time learner

Keep learning as there is always one new skill to learn.


E – Earn

Have a legitimate means of earning money.


She mentioned three Ms of money

M- Make Money

M- Manage Money

M- Multiply Money


It was a great time in God’s presence, and I am eagerly looking forward to SMTO 6.0 if Christ tarries.


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