What A Godly Man Looks For In A Godly Woman + Answers From Godly Men

by - May 07, 2020

In a recent post, I talked about What A Godly Woman Looks For In A Godly Man, today we are flipping the coin.

This is not in any way a compiled list that ladies should try to squeeze themselves into, rather, it serves as a guide on what really matters.

As we did for the ladies’ by asking what their expectations were, so also we are doing today.

I asked a few of the godly men I know about this.

Here are their thoughts

Amos K

1.       As a Godly woman that she is, I want to see the Godly aspect of her.
2.       A decent lady
3.       A lady who is good with her words. This isn’t to say that she doesn’t talk but she should be a woman of her words.
4.       A patient woman
5.       A loving woman
6.       A caring woman
7.       A woman that can cook.

       Not that I love food that much, but she should be a woman who can take care of her family, she should be able to take care of the stomach of her family

8.       A woman who is fun to be with.
9.        A center of attraction not necessarily flashy but she should be a woman whose presence is felt.
10.   A woman who is focused, intelligent and smart
11.   A woman who is a vision carrier, who is enthusiastic about something, who is able to live life. A woman who can make this work.

Oluwatoi A

In my university days, a question like this was asked in one of the bible studies

This was my answer back then

My topmost priority then was that she must be a virgin. I held on that fact because I felt that will help me build trust. I felt that if I had to travel, then I will have rest of mind wherever I am that my wife isn’t doing unthinkable this behind me. What a thought?

Secondly, which I should have made the number one, but don’t forget I am talking about my early days at the university, my order of priority and some things have changed now. She must fear God, love God, be zealous about God and serve God. The God factor must sha be in her.

Since I knew I will at a point of my life go into full-time ministry, so she must be a firing sister for the work of the ministry.

Another point is that she must beautiful. Note my words must be beautiful. Well, I am not the first oddly man who loves beauty, take a look among most minister’s wives, beautiful mamas everywhere.

She must be intelligent. I don’t want a dull wife. A woman who can give a wise contribution, not a woman who will always say ‘what you say is right.’  I hate that!

She must hardworking. As I don’t want a full housewife o, she must be able to complement my effort as a wife.

This is more of a recent development. She must be accommodating. I love my family and friends to be around me. I will appreciate it if she'll be willing to accommodate them. She must love mami (my mother) else she will not enjoy me.

Well, I’ll love if she has a sense of humor and fun. I don’t want a boring and stereotyped way of life, I don’t want a home is predictable all the time.

Israel O.

She must be beautiful

She must have sense

She must have drive

She must have what she is doing

Her temperament must complement mine.

Adewale A.
A Proverbs 31 Woman

Well, going through the verses that made up this chapter, you'll discover that it takes a woman who has grown from just being the random lady to being a prudent wife. You need to understand that you don't marry to become a wife; you become a wife to marry. 

Not all ladies are wives but all wives are ladies. In essence, you can be grown and not matured. So this is one of the things that godly men look for in a godly woman. More so, being a Godly woman does not mean you have to be perfect, it means you are willing to evolve and become. Hence, Proverbs 31 becomes the standard for your evolving journey. Evolving into a Proverb 31 woman means you value your relationship with God and you love your communion with the Holy Spirit.


It is said that a man can be attracted by the beautiful looks or curvy shape of the woman but it takes character to keep the man. Character is a buildup of what the woman is made of on the inside. As much as a lady seeks to be amazing on the outside, it becomes expedient to ensure that they are women of character and worth. It is the character that makes for respect and submission, its character that increases the fire of love for a man. Every true woman must learn to sacrifice so that they can emerge from the crucible where true characters are made. The scripture is full of women who triumphed because of their character. We have Sarah, Abigail, Esther, e.t.c.
The woman of the 21st century is a mixture of so many exposures.

One thing that will make such a woman who definitely exposed and godly is her ability to be teachable. Many ladies believe it’s the man that has to adjust so that their relationship can blossom, so even when the man is seeking tangible adjustments from the woman, it becomes an issue of gender equality. A Godly woman must, by all means, be teachable.

Whatever makes her myopic and egoistic is on an assignment to destroy her.
Understanding And Wisdom

Understanding knows what to do and Wisdom is having the intelligence on how to do it. These two thrive on knowledge. There is a point at which love stops to become the fuel for a thriving relationship. The Love wiring becomes replaced with her ability to provide wisdom and discretion. Purposeful men are moved by a woman who can put wisdom to perfect work.

A woman that brings ideas and suggestions that increase access to profitable solutions becomes the desire of every man. It’s one thing to be in love, it’s another thing to be loved. A woman of wisdom and understanding will definitely be loved.

Purpose is what provides a sense of direction and focus. 

No Godly man wants a woman who has not given life a definition within the scope of God's will for her life. 

Purpose is what makes the two of you agreeable. Every woman who desires a godly man must have solved the issue of purpose. Apart from ensuring that the man is running with a vision. It takes a woman of purpose to be well aligned to the vision of a man. Your purpose is what gives value to your godliness. It means you are not just heaven-bound, you also seek to be earthly relevant.    
Peter O.

A woman of virtue, the one that exudes characteristics of provers 31

A woman that is beautiful

A woman that can pray for me without ceasing in order to fulfill my vision. Men always have one vision or the other to pursue.

A woman who can trust my leadership (submission) as regards how God wants both of us to live and other life issues.

A woman with a deep respect for the male counterparts, even though they should respect her back, it must be mutual.

A woman with basic home training (cooking and related domestics). If the man knows how to cook then it becomes the icing on the cake for the woman.

Adebayo A.

A woman who understands

A woman who is submissive

A woman who is self-controlled

A woman who is sacrificial

A woman who is homely & hospitable

A woman who is respective

A woman who is a humanitarian

A woman who has a great deal of character

A woman who has integrity

A woman who has values

A woman with good self-esteem.
A Woman Who Isn’t So Obsessed With Just Her Physical Looks Alone

I know how much pride women can take on how they look physically.

Some have been known to go through surgeries, different therapies, subjected themselves to various skincare product and sessions just in a bid to make sure they look so beautiful on the outside.

While all of these is important, but a woman entirety shouldn’t be solely placed on how she looks.

After your beauty gets you the attention, what else are you bringing to the table?

While this isn’t saying you should look like a woman from the back of nowhere, but make sure, you have your priorities right, as it is who you are o the inside that is really the core of who you are. Let the beautiful person we see on the outside match the beautiful you on the inside too.

A woman of God Indeed

I know it’s fast becoming the norm to call fellow ladies woman of God while talking with them, I do that a lot with some of my female friends.

In today’s world, we have more you women who are so much on fire for God and his kingdom.

I case you’re still thinking that marriage is all about dressing up in similar attire and posting pictures of all over social media with couple goals as the caption. Marriage at its very core is deeply spiritual.

Single ladies, now is the time to build capacity at what really matters, it’s great to always look all glam up all the time, but in addition to all that, you need to be a woman of God indeed.

It isn’t about just knowing where all the nice gowns are sold in your city without knowing the places you can go for a personal retreat within the same city. While it’s great that everyone who comes around you calls you a woman of God, but be one indeed.

There should be times you shut out from the world and have a retreat of your own. it is only a matter of time before whatever you have been using your time for at present begins to show.

There is more to life and living than what meets the eye.

A Woman Who Is Vast

While it is good to be a mastered one thing i.e. to be extremely good and known for a particular thing, but I can conveniently tell you that no man wants a woman who he can’t hold a reasonable conversation with.

You necessarily do not have to know everything about everything in the world, but please know something (no matter how little) about a lot of things.

Know a little about managing finances, know a little about sports, know a little about cars, know a little about just everything that can be known about.

Information is at the tip of our fingers, so it should be a punishable crime to be totally clueless about things that really matter.

The goal of this is not for you to attract the attention of a man, while this may come along the way, the ultimate goal is for you to become a better person yourself and having the relevant information about the things that matter have a way of ensuring you live a good life.

A Woman with A Great Dress Sense

This is not in any way synonymous with being flashy or being anything but decent in your dressing, but dressing well sure has a way of boosting how you feel about yourself.

I for one know that I feel a little better and I feel ready to take my world while I am well dressed than when I just pick something off the closet to wear.

In having a great dress sense, make sure you know what works for you and your body structure, remember to be as decent as you can be.

A recent post talked about modesty even while you're looking great, you can read it here

A Woman Who Is Domesticated

Married women can attest to the fact that taking care of a family isn’t a stroll in the park, while it is different things for different people as there are men who are big on a woman being the one to take care of the home, some think it should be a joint effort, each giving and each person receiving.

Whatever the case might be, as the woman in the picture, try as much as you can to learn how to cook, how to tidy your own space, how to be organized.

Your learning how to cook or being organized would do you a great deal of good before anybody else.
So ladies, you have what Godly men look for, happy ticking off the list.


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