What A Godly Woman Looks For In A Godly Man + Answers From Godly Women

by - April 23, 2020

So on the blog today, I asked some of my Godly ladies what they look out for in a Godly man when they are contemplating friendship or ultimately marriage.

While this is not a list of things that men should begin to squeeze themselves into, it is a list that provides guide on the things that really matter.

Tofumi Pels has this to say

1.      The consistency of his commitment relationship with God
2.       His fear/ reference of God
3.       His relationship with his spiritual and biological parents
4.       His God given vision
5.       Financial stability
6.       Good character

Grace A. has this to say

1.       A man that has been totally broken by Christ.
 A man that has allowed the workings of the Holy Spirit in his life to overcome flesh and self

2.       A man that had passed through his purification and humbling process

3.       A man with an open heart and integrity.

The man that his words are totally and always true and doesn’t have anything hidden. No hiding of password, finances and past experiences

4.       Alignment of vision and purpose.

A man going on the same direction i.e. complimenting each other, and the man must have a major role to play in the woman’s vision and the woman must be ready to do same.

5.       The man who is a giver and is caring

The man must give freely to God first and then others. Not someone who is stingy and he should be willing to go the extra mile to make the wife successful and comfortable.

6.       A man that has an understanding heart

7.       A man with a strong prayer life and studying of God’s word.

The man must have a strong fellowship and intimacy with God and always thirst and hunger for God’s fellowship. He should be a carrier of God’s presence always, and also see the woman is growing to have a strong intimacy with God

Elizabeth O. has this to say

1.       A man that fears and love God
2.       A man who loves me the way I am
3.       A man who values and adores me
4.       A man who has relationship with the Father
5.       A man that has discovered his purpose and is fulfilling it
6.       A man that has a listening ear to be mentored
7.       A man who derives joy in bringing out the best in me
8.       A man that longs for God always
9.       A passionate man for the things of God and not a self-centered man.

So what we want

Be Responsible
Some men in today’s world are highly irresponsible, while people think that it is just women who are sitting down and folding their hands doing nothing, it will be a major shock if you're opportuned to see some homes where it is the wife who is shouldering all the responsibilities of the home while the man of the house is comfortable with just sitting down at home while she goes out and bring food to the table.

While this is not saying that women should totally rely on their men and not be able to step into some shoes if things aren’t going on well, far from it, but men should be responsible enough.

Have A Vision You’re Pursuing

Most Godly women aren’t looking for already made men, while having your own stuff is appreciated, but it isn’t the core of it all.

While most men think that all women want is money but that is only a big joke, not every woman is moved by just how many zeros your account reflects, while we know that there are several things that money can buy, we also know that there are some things that money cannot buy.

You have money, fine but what happens when any unforeseen circumstances just shows up, what do you have on the inside that can guarantee the multiplication of the things you currently have?

We hear a lot about women not leaving a man that has a big vision and following a man who has a big television set because it is only a matter of time before she will start seeing that man with a big television in her husband’s television.

While this is not saying men who have television do not have vision (is there a man in today’s world who doesn’t’ have television?)

All that is saying is that ladies shouldn’t be moved just by the present while leaving the ultimate.

Most women at least those I know will never follow a man just based on what his present pay cheque is because they have come to understand that it isn’t just about what he has now but what he can have with God and the vision currently driving him.

Love And Fear Of God

While a man who loves his woman is a great deal, but we’d prefer a man who loves the Lord deeply, there are some situations where just his love for his woman won’t be able to keep him, but his love for God is able to take him through those circumstances.

While Joseph was in Potiphar’s house, we weren’t told if he already had a relationship going with a woman or not, but even in a strange land just one thing helped him put his zip in its right place.

This was his question to the Potiphar’s wife
How can I do this great wickedness and sin against God?

It is first about God!

There is just an aura about you loving God, it is something that is almost tangible.

There is definitely something about a man who loves and fears God.

Be Financially Stable

While most men think that most what most women want is money, money and a little more money and until you have that currency in abundance, then you shouldn’t come close to her, but that is not the total truth.

What most Godly women wants as deduced by what the ladies I interviewed said is not just a man with lots of money to throw around but a God-fearing and responsible man.

If that man has enough cash to throw around or not will not be an issue as that will only be the icing on the cake and not the cake itself because she is confident that with God and her presence in his life, what he lacks today will become excess tomorrow.

Godly ladies are not moved by how much you have or how much you earn, while it is not as though we love to suffer but we have come to realize that although a man might not look like it today, but that doesn’t he would not become.

As God’s girls, we see things beyond the physical, we understand that all the things that we can see now were all made from things not seen.

It is only a matter of time before he becomes blessed in All things!

This isn’t in anyway telling God’s sons to be lazy or to just accept whatever life throws at them, far from it!

They are to be diligent men, men who can talk at the gates and will be listened to.

Relationship is capital intensive, while a Godly woman would not keep tasking you and demanding that you should buy her things, but that doesn’t stop you from buying her stuff.

Sometimes, it isn’t in how expensive what you’re buying is but the heart behind it and from whom it is coming.

Be ready to buy her expensive gifts, be prepared to buy her things that are not so capital intensive too.

Be ready to be a man!

Have A Great Dress Sense

Know basic tips of dressing.

Please say no to the temptation to wear a brown shoe with a black belt.

Please, know your size, no need buying a shirt that is twice your size.

No award is given to the man who wears trousers that are longer than his height.

So, Men Of God (smiles)

We have compiled this list to let you see the things that really matters, so happy ticking off the list.

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