One Lie That We Often Believe

by - April 30, 2020

There are some things we all grew up believing either because of where we grew up or the situations surrounding us.

One of the lies the enemy will see to it that you keep believing is

You Are Not Enough

It is that voice that keeps reminding you that regardless of what you do, you are not just good enough.

There are times when those voices become so loud in our spirit and it seems that no matters what we do and how excellently we do them, we just still feel that we haven’t done well.

Some of these voices might be as a result of our growing up and what that uncle or aunt used to say behind us or to our faces, and some of those things just sticks with us and follows us almost everywhere we go on earth.

Some of those voices begins to instill fear into our heart and we tend to row up into being people who second guess almost every move they make.

We buy a car and then we are considering if the car is as nice as it looks like in our eyes.

We get an apartment and the next thing in our heart is if the apartment meets up to the standards of these voices which are still echoing in our minds.

While some of these voices are easily silenced, some require that we almost on a daily basis keep speaking words against them.

The challenge with this voices which keeps screaming that we are never going to be enough is that it is only a mirage, it is just like a cow being tied with a rope to a small plastic chair, the cow keeps seeing that it is tied and so can’t move from where it is, but what it doesn’t understand is that if it decides to move, that small plastic chair can’t stand in the way as it is capable of pulling that chair in whatever direction it decides to go.

The lie that we are not and can never be enough is one lie that the enemy wants us to keep believing, he knows that if we know the truth and come to believe it then he has lost half the battle so he wants to keep us in the dark and believing the wrong things which aren’t consistent with what God has for us and what he wants us to have.

While some of these lies are subtle, others are very glaring and easy to see.

No matter how beautiful or intelligent we are, the enemy’s joy is usually to make us take our eyes away from the many things we are and can do, he hopes to keep our eyes on those things that we are not.

For example, as a young lady, you are a little bit short but highly intelligent, what the enemy wants is to make sure you do not see how intelligent God has made you be, he desires to keep your eyes on that seemingly one thing you have no control over.

A man’s challenge might be that he just got back from NYSC and  got employed into this start-up company, and although he is doing well for a fresh graduate who has his whole life still ahead of him, the enemy wants to make sure the things his eyes keeps seeing are all the negatives and none of the many things that are working well in his life.

For another lady, it might be the fact that she is fat or slim, I understand that this is a very delicate subject as there are people who are fat and it isn’t just because of the things they eat.

I for one tend to be on the slim side than on the fat side of the equilibrium, and this is not because I don’t eat large meals, I know some fat people who don’t eat as much as I eat and they are still on the big side while I remain on the slim part of the equilibrium for now. I have seen ladies who are a little plumb do all manner of things and take all manner of product just to get to a certain cloth size. She sees the girl next door who has her desired body shape and all her achievements and talents turns to dust in her eyes.

Most times, our eyes are shut to the many things that we are in God, while we just keep focusing on the fact that we are not enough.

Some of these things includes;

I am fat
I am too skinny
I have a job that pays too little
I don’t have hour lass figure
I have big eyeballs
I don’t have a car at my age
I am short
I am too tall
I am too round
I am flat chested
I can’t talk without stuttering
I am not intelligent


While there are certain things on that list that we can do something about, there are also some that regardless of what we do, we just can’t do anything about them.

I have big eyeballs and I have been called different names on the basis of how large my eyeballs are, from been called eagle eyes in secondary school, to been called ojuyobo, and just any name you can imagine someone who has big eye balls is called.

This used to affect me a little while growing up, until I gained knowledge one day when I heard someone talking accepting every  part of your body for what it is, as you could't just cut out that part.

I realized that although my eyeballs were big but on the flip side, if I decide to pluck them out, that will only make me blind and since then I have learnt to accept my eyeballs for what they are.

And as I even advanced in the years, I have also come to realize that those eyeballs that used to earn me all those demeaning words those years aren’t so big any more as my face became chubbier to accommodate them.

My case might seem so trivial when compared to yours, yours might still be something that keeps earning you all the demeaning words possible, but learn to accept yourself.

You owe yourself that much.

You are enough, and although you might not always believe that, speak it until it sinks into your subconsciousness.

Tell yourself,

I am beautiful
I am handsome
I am blessed
I am smart
I have a great body

I am Enough!

Don’t keep buying the lies of the enemies, it won’t do you any good.

The danger that accompanies believing this lie is that there are some dimension that this fear of not being enough will stop you from reaching, you might not be as tall as that lady next door but that does not in any way mean that you are less smart than she is.

You might not be born into that family next door and so didn’t grow up with those privileges that you saw them enjoy naturally, but that doesn’t mean you won’t amount to anything.

You can still be the best at that job or in that office if only you can choose to start living life not in the light of who you used to be but in the person you are now and you’re becoming.

You see people doing the things you have always harbored in your heart over the years and even when God orchestrated events to make it possible for you to do them, you still didn’t do them and you keep stalling on them all because in your own mind, you are thinking;

Who will read a book published by someone like me?

Who will download my song?

Who will come to an event someone like me organizes?

Who will pay to listen to me speak?

One thing you often forget is that you are enough and no two people on this side of eternity is like you. No person on this side of eternity has your zeal, your experiences, your touch, there is just something about you.

Ever wondered why the fingerprints are unique and no two finger print ever match?

It goes a long way to show that God definitely took his time in creating you and there are no two persons in this side of eternity is configured like you.

You Are Enough!

You are not hated.

You are the beloved child of the Father, and even though you might doubt that most of the time because of the things that you see around or because of the words people speak to you, but that’s the truth.

Rather than accepting the fact that you are not wise, say I am smart and I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.

Rather than accepting that I can’t amount to anything in your life,  say I am a child of God and I have the mind of Christ.

Rather than accepting the fact that you won’t become anything of significance because your parents lived an average life, say I am a blessed child of the Father and the Father desires that I be blessed.

Counter every negative word or thought with a positive one.

You Are Enough!

Start seeing yourself as such!

Let me end with this song I love by Lauren Daigle

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