It’s Another Birthday; 7 Lessons I Have Learnt So Far

by - April 09, 2020

We're a year older!!!

I'm a twin so my birthdays are not just my own birthdays, they are our birthdays, and the picture you have over there is that of my lovely twin sister.

Oh My God!

It almost feels so surreal that another 365 days has passed and I am now a year older.

It was yet another birthday few days ago precisely on the 5th of April, and I couldn’t help but thank God for how far he has brought me all these years.

It feels just like yesterday when I celebrated my 10th birthday and just like the waving of the hand, close to two decades has passed by.

Although I haven’t really spent a lot of years on earth, but I have learnt few lessons in this one life of mine between the time when I breathed my first breath up till this time.

Let me share some of the things I have learnt over the years with you…

       1.       Pride Does Nothing Good

While growing up, I used to be a very proud person.

Only God knows where I got that trait from as my parents; both of them are humble to a fault. I was just this high and mighty lord reagent of my life, and there were things I missed out just by being proud and going about my things as though everybody was beneath me. 

Fast forward to few years down the line, I suddenly realized that I was changing, the same me who wouldn’t do some things because I felt it was beneath me is the same person who is totally just calm. 

Some people talk to me today and I look at them and just laugh it off, if they had met the then Bimbola she wouldn't have even related with them in the first place, but this Bimbola now can’t do that anymore.

While this does not in any way say I now loner place value on myself, or I don’t think I am worth anything, contrary to that, it only means I have begun to see myself through the lens of God and act accordingly.

      2.       People Are the Channel through which God Answers Prayers

This is one great lesson I have learnt in my time on earth.

As Christians, we pray so much for things but we often forget that people are the channels through which we receive answers from God.

If you're praying so much for something, watch the way you react and act towards the people around you because either we want it or not they are to be the means through which God will answer some if not all of our request.

If we can learn to keep this thought in our heart, we will be careful of the way we interact with those above, the same level and those even below us on this ladder called life.

       3.       No Body Owes Me Anything

I have learnt that although people are the channels through which I receive the blessings God would have me receive but no human on earth owes me anything.

If more people will understand this fact, then we would have less people holding on to their uncles or aunties for things. When we feel people owe us things, we tend to put our trust in them instead of God and that kind of burden is something no one ever deserves to bear.

The only person who ever told us to cast our cares on Him because He cares for us is God and He is enough.

 4.       There Is Nothing I Can’t Achieve

My little time on earth has showed me that once I am in step with the Father and my ears are in tune with what he will have me do then there is nothing I can’t achieve, absolutely nothing.

I love this scripture so much

With my God, I can take an army, with His strength, I can leap over a wall.

There is absolutely nothing I can’t do once God is by my side.

This definitely makes adrenaline rush to my brain.


5.       Love Is A Good Thing 


To have someone to love and to hold is a wonderful gift from God, and even though the world is making it to make it seem as though getting married is synonymous to walking into a dead zone by yourself, I have come to believe otherwise.                                                                                                                                        
I know there are different news flying around especially with the increase in the numbers of husbands killing their wives and wives killing their husbands leaving the children to suffer but I’d rather put my faith in God and not in the news.

I have learnt that to have a significant other who can share both your high and low moment with is a big deal and it’s a big blessing from God. 
       6.       I Have To Be Effective In The Ministry Of Me

One of my teachers in this season of life mentioned the fact that while a human has several dimensions to operate, if they aren’t faithful in the ministry to themselves, the certainty that every other ministry they occupy will crumble is only a matter of time. 

As a woman, I have three ministries which includes; the ministry of a wife to my husband, the ministry of a mother to the children God would entrust me with and the last but not the least, the ministry of me.

All around, we have people who have got the assignments wrong and are now juggling so many balls that they have lost their identity in the process.

The fact that I am faithful in the ministry of myself shows in the way I create out time to be with the lover of my soul, it shows in the way I consistently want to live a life that pleases my heavenly father well, it shows in the way I take out time off busy schedules to rest, it shows in the way I am consistently aiming towards a higher version of myself, it shows in the little things as well as in the big things.

I have learnt that I can only be effective in those other ministries (as a wife and mother) to the degree at which I am effective in the ministry of myself, because it is who I am as a person that’ll definitely reflect around them.

        7.       It’s A Good Thing To Be Fathered By God.

And the grandest of all.

The Father’s love!

I gave my life to Christ while I was in the University, and although I had been a preacher’s kid all my life, that was when I officially invited Him into my life to come and reign, and since then, Oh My!

Oh what joy that feels my heart knowing that the God of the universe has got my back at all times and He is committed to me. 

This continually fills me with so much joy!
It’s been from one faith walk to the other.
Has it been easy, not at all.

It’s so full of adventure, and I am loving every bit of it.

So, on to another faith-filled year…

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