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About a year ago, I transitioned form a particular field of work to another which means I am currently a nine-to-fiver. In fact I don’t close at five but five-thirty in the evening Monday through Friday.

There are some things I have learnt in my current place of work that I would love to share with you, you might have spent over three decades of your life in the marketplace or you might even still be in the tertiary institution and you’re wondering what life looks out outside school for you, whatever category you are, I am sure there is one thing or the other you’ll go away with from today’s blog post.

Female Bosses Are Not Evil

If there is anything I heard well enough before getting employed, then it is the fact that female superiors are usually a pain in the neck. Most people don’t mind having a male or two-five male superiors but never pray to have a female boss because of it is perceived female bosses make life difficult for their subordinates.

From my experience, I can boldly say that female bosses are not evil. The very first direct manager I had was a woman and she was not evil, she was literally an angel in human form, and although I am no longer part of her team, her lifestyle greatly influenced me to make sure as I am climbing the corporate ladder too, I don’t have to be a hard woman to prove a point in the market place.

Procrastination Can Be A Real Kill-Joy

If you are still in school or almost through with school and you still struggle with procrastination, you might find the corporate world a little inconvenient for you.

I even believe that whatever field you finally decide to venture into and if you have not conquered procrastination, there is little or slim possibility of really excelling at what you do.

Procrastination is that small voice that tells you not to do that assignment your HRM or your Head of Department gives you a task and then by the time he asks for the result you begin to from pillar to post for what should have been a seemingly easy assignment.

If you procrastinate a lot, you might want to try scheduling your assignments to a specific time, or just getting things done and not putting them off till much later.

There are some tasks that you might not get done because you were procrastinating and not getting that done might lead the company into debt of millions of Naira which they might ask you to pay back because it was your fault.

No boss wants excuses; no one cares about the excuses you give, all they want is result, so get ready to bring results to the table from now going forward and bid procrastination bye.

Determine What’s What Fighting For

Every organization has that one person who isn’t so civil in his/her responses and can’t seem to put a latch on their mouth. They’d just open the mouth and begin to speak gibberish out of such mouth.

There are times when you just want to talk back at the person so that such a person would understand that you are not as naive as they think, but in your heart of heart, are you really interested in fighting such a battle?

The time that you should use in talking back at such a person who is just a pain in your neck should be given to other productive things.

You Need To Make Twice As Much Effort To Maintain Your Relationship With God

While I was in the university, I practically lived a triangle life, from my house off campus to school and from school to fellowship. At every point, you are almost so sure to see me in one of those three places or else I traveled home or was invited somewhere by a friend.

Having this kind of triangular lifestyle keep me at the top of my relationship with God as I had control over my time. Final year was one of the best as I had just four courses in my final semester which opened up some free spaces for me to utilize to push myself forward in my pursuit of God. Service year was so great too.

Fast forward to when I joined the office people.

I had to leave home every day before eight in the morning and there are also some days I don’t get home till eight in the night or even later than that.

I know my work schedule is not so tedious when compared to others, but it was a big deal for me. Doing things that were usually reflex actions became things I had to deliberately plan for.

Working in a place like Lagos, Nigeria or anywhere in the world takes a whole lot of planning if you want to still be relevant in God’s agenda.

Be Disciplined So You Don’t Get Disciplined

This is something else I have learnt from my stay in the business world.

If you lack basic ethics irrespective of your skill set, you won’t go far.

I know this is A Christian Lifestyle blog and we talk about things as it concerns the Christian Life, but if we as Christians don’t have basic work ethics, we will only keep shouting Amen in church and things wouldn’t be moving forward in our life.

What is your outlook to your job, do you see as a necessary evil or do you accept it as being part of God’s agenda in this end time.

Do you do your job with shadiness or do you give every assignment that passes through your hands an excellent touch?

All these things matter in the corporate world.

Looking Good Is Good For Business

All through my days in the University up till when I went for my service year, I never knew that looking good was actually something that really mattered a big deal.

Although I was always careful not to wear a patterned blouse on a patterned skirt or a big top and a big skirt together, but there have been days when I didn’t even care what I was wearing, I would just put something on my body and once it is covering my nakedness I was good to go.

Fast forward to when I joined the corporate world, I realized that my mindset towards dressing had to be reviewed as it was one of those key things in the market place because people would see me first before they hear me out, and although all adornments shouldn’t be placed on the outside, but human are not God so they judge a book by its cover. So if you’re ever going to get people to read the content of your book which is YOU as a person, then you must make sure the cover is good enough for the book to be opened.

People have lost great deals by not looking good, and many others have been granted access just by looking good.

Looking good isn’t just about what you were but when and how you wear them.

You don’t have to break a bank to dress nicely; you can still always look great while still on a budget (I’d write a blog post about this someday).

Though there are still days I don’t look my best, I am gradually working towards the decrease in the number of such days.

Don't Despise Days Of Little Beginning 

When I just got out of service, I had high dreams just like every young graduate, but my first job I got after service can be termed as my days of little beginning. I accepted it and kept being diligent at my work and soon enough, I was moved higher on the ladder with God on my side.

If you are just getting out of schools and you have some offers, once they aren’t criminal acts or things that are against what you stand for, don’t reject them just because they aren’t what you want for now. Sitting down in your homes day-in day-out isn’t the best option, as much as you have parents who are responsible and who care for you, but that shouldn’t be a license for you not to accept responsibility for your life.

The job might not be what you want or envisage but the income you get in exchange for your excellent input into that organization can keep your body and soul together.

Except you have an express instruction from God not to accept an offer, rejecting a job just on the premises of too small isn’t a great one.

These are some of the lessons I have learnt in my stay in the marketplace, do you have others to add in your journey in the marketplace, please kindly share with us.

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