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I am a strong believer that my worship of God should not become irritable to other people around me, believers and unbelievers alike.

They are some people who would never give their life to Christ not because they haven’t heard some great things about Him but because of the way the believers around them have lived or the kind of lifestyle the believers around them projects. Or what do you say concerning a Dare who is a neighbor to Tayo (a believer), Tayo loves waking up in the middle of the night to pray, but it disturbs Dare’s sleep and he had told Tayo countless times. This single action alone can make Dare swear to never become a believer.

I know that as believers we have to talk to God, and while some others can talk to God in the silent ways possible, others need to talk out and loud when praying and while they might not intend to disturb others it might actually serve as a means of disturbance. But then, there is one way we can pray that is sure not to disturb anyone but rather ignite other believers who hear you as you walk past them to pray, this way is PRAYER WALK.

Prayer walk is praying on the go, or as you walk on the road.

The first time I ever got really interested in prayer walk was when I got out of school and was awaiting NYSC, with so much time on my hands and with little to do asides writing, reading and eating, I suddenly realized that most of my days were spent indoors and they were days when if there was no church service, I realized that I could be at home for fourty-eight hours at a stretch.

So, one evening I decided to go out on a stroll around 7:30pm in the night, it was about time when those who went to walk were all returning back from home. I went along with my phone and earpiece and was listening to some songs and before long I started saying a word of prayer or two. After a while I started my journey home, before long, I got accustomed to praying and walking on the road.

Then, I got into the NCCF Family house where I stayed for my service year, I had to share the room with about 4-6 ladies when we first got into the house. It became almost impossible to pray without disturbing them which I didn’t like, so after a while, immediately after the corporate devotion, I’d take my phone and earpiece and start my prayer walk, talking to God about a certain matter or just worshipping the love of my life.

Have you ever wanted to have a prayer walk, then these few tips will help

If you’re like me, I’m sure you don’t enjoy doing much under the scourging sun, and except you are otherwise led by God, I’ll suggest you have your prayer walk early in the morning or late in the evening. 

Praying under a cool atmosphere would guarantee that you lose track of your fellowship with God on the road without necessarily having the sun beating you senseless.


As you begin to explore this one more way of making your needs known to the Father or just pure fellowshipping with God, I’ll advice that you stay clear off lonely paths or dark places. 

As best as possible try to go through paths that are not necessarily crowded but have people plying it.


Just proposing to pray without being definite about it will never make prayer walk possible. Have a dedicated day you’ll be committing to praying out on the street, and have an allotted time too, not necessarily a time you’ll stop but at least have a time you intend to start. 

Also decide on your route so that wouldn’t pose a problem when you are finally ready to begin your prayer walk.

You might want to decide that you’ll be having a prayer walk of at least one hour every Wednesday and Friday night, that’s more definite than just saying I’ll have a prayer walk.


I personally recommend this because if you were going on the road and you see a man or woman just talking to his/herself, you’re more likely to think the person ought to be checked in to the nearest psychiatric  hospital, and I’m sure you don’t want to look like a psychiatric  patient when you are just on the road talking to yourself. 

So as much as possible, try to have a phone and a earpiece/Bluetooth tucked in your ears, this makes the average person passing by you give you a look he would give someone who is having a conversation over the phone or someone who is just singing out loud and not that of someone who needs to be checked into the next mental home.


As much as possible, you can also go on a prayer walk with a friend and someone you can trust. 

I remember after I was handed over to in church, my predecessor and I went on a prayer walk, and although that particular night, I actually wish I was just in my room putting my legs on the wall, but when he said it was time I had to stand up and join him. Few minutes into the prayer walk, with the different things that was going on, I suddenly realized that I didn’t really feel so weak anymore, rather I was feeling so energized that I didn’t want the walk to end. 

Having someone you can pray with has its own advantages too.


There are times that might not fall into the time you said you were going to pray when you suddenly have a nudge to pray while you’re walking on the street, as much as possible, please be obedient and pray.  You might not fully understand why you’re doing what you are doing but it is better to pray and avert an evil that might have occurred to not praying and then begin to regret when the evil you perceived was hanging finally happens.

My friend was telling me recently how she was coming back from work and suddenly felt the urge to pray on her way home. She obeyed and started praying without even knowing what she was praying for. After some days she spoke to her mom who told her of a robbery attack that happened close to their house and how her sister was miraculously delivered, she further asked the time of the attack and discovered that it was about the same time when she had felt that nudge to pray. 

What would have happened if she didn’t pray at that moment?

So also, when we have that nudge to pray, let’s not ignore it, you never can tell who needs that prayer.

We are to pray without ceasing, we can, with God's help.

Do yo have any other tip for us to have a prayer walk? Please don't hesistate to share with us.

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