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This is not me claiming I am 100% modest all the time or trying to tell you what length your skirt should get to or what point your top becomes revealing, but this is me trying to point out what is expected of the King’s Daughters and also serve as a subtle reminder for myself too.

Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.
1 Timothy 2:9-10, ESV

Modesty is such a big deal in today’s world and there are several people with different ideas about it.
It’s getting more rare day in day out to see ladies clothe themselves in modest apparels which does not show too much off cleavage or too much of skin.
While I was younger I used to pride myself in the fact that I was a beautiful teenage girl and so I had different guys approaching me. I used to think that what I was wearing had nothing to do with who I really am as a person so since the body belongs to me, I could as well as go all the way with different fashion of slits.
There was obviously one thing I didn’t understand then which I am growing in the understanding now,


Asides the fact that our bodies are first to God and not ours, the choice of the dress we put on at every point in time shows a great deal the kind of person we are deep down on the inside of us. I used to wear some pretty short skirts while growing up, my parents would complain, my mom in particular will seize some of those dresses but that didn’t mean the next time I wanted to shop I wasn’t going to go ahead and buy my skimpy wears, but some things changed and as I grew up and grew in my knowledge of God, I realized this beautiful body doesn’t belong to me so I can’t just do what I wanted with it.


In the few months I have spent in the corporate world, I have realized that dressing modestly is the reigning thing. Whenever we have meetings and I look across the older women amidst us who are so beautiful and have gone ahead in life or made significant achievement in life, I realized that these women do not show too much of thigh or cleavage. If the corporate life can demand that from its people, how much more we who are the daughters of the king.


           1.    WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVE

One of the ways to determine if what you’re wearing is modest or not is the motive in your heart. Are you wearing that particular gown so that all the men who would be seeing you will be dying to have a feel of your body or so that a man can see you and lust after you?

While in the university, one of the sisters told us of her experience concerning the issue of modesty. She had just bought this very lovely gown, and she decided to put it on to the lecture hall on a particular day. As she was wearing it, what was in her mind was that ‘dey go take today’ loosely translated that people are really going to fall for her dress on campus. As she was minding her own business in the school environment on that particular day, a boy just walked up to and began to toast her. The toasting was not even the problem as anyone could be approached, but the kind of guy who came to her was one that showed she had bitten more than she can chew.

On her way home, as she was communicating to God, the Holy Spirit reminded her of the statement sh made earlier in he day and she realized that indeed that was what happened.

Modesty isn’t about a dress code, it is about an attitude of the heart. So, although I can’t see what goes on in your heart, I can easily decipher it by what you wear.


As much as this Christian race is one that can not be successfully run alone, but it is as well a personal journey. There are some denomination that do not wear some particular set of clothes and there are some denominations that also allows it among their members.

As we go on in our journey with God on this side of eternity, God begins to deal with us individually. There are things God will tell me out-rightly not to do and might not demand same from my biological sister. When the lord demands something from you as a person  and you don’t do it, that becomes a sin on your part. 

There are some families who have nothing against the wearing of ear rings or sleeve-less tops, but the lord as you move on in your journey with him might be demanding that you do not wear ear rings as well as sleeve-less tops. This has moved past what the denomination you fellowship with is demanding to what God is demanding from you as individual.


This is so important.

As ladies, most time we don’t fully understand what our body does to a man, I mean why can’t I just wear that my lovely top that only shows a little cleavage. We go ahead by justifying ourselves  that it is our body and the gown isn’t so bad.

Modest dressing isn’t just about what has sleeves or what does not, it goes beyond just that. Due to our different body shape, a lady might wear a dress and it would appear right on her, while another lady might wear the same dress and might be considered inappropriate on her, so you have to always be ready to judge yourself and have close friends judge you too.

If you don’t want to stir up undue passion in others, then you shop for dresses with that thought at heart.

While I know some men can rape babies or even women who are fully clothed from top-to-knee, but there are also some men who are fighting lust tooth and nail and who staring at the too much of cleavage you’re showing might lead them down the destruction path, for their sake, don’t be a stumbling block.

While there are some body figure that would tempting even while wearing a sack of beans, but be sure that you have done your best and that God is happy with you.

The fact that I want to be modest in my dressing does not mean I have to look unkempt and become an insult to God, but it means that my love and fear of God shows in my choice of what I wear on my body.

Modesty shows how much you honor God and yourself, so show it well.

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