What I Learnt While Living In A Village

by - January 16, 2020


I lived in a village for 10 months.

For my NYSC in 2017, I got posted to Efon-Alaaye in Ekiti State, Nigeria. It was a very small community and one could walk through the entire  local government in hours if very determined.

After the compulsory three weeks orientation camp, my letter of posting indicated that I had to resume at a secondary school in Efon-Alaaye. I didn't know if I was supposed to be excited at the news, I took it in good faith and soon boarded the allocated bus to convey us to the place.

The bus brought us to the NCCF family house, where I stayed throughout my service year. After I returned back from the two weeks break the new corpers were given, I realized a shocking fact.

Efon-Alaaye didn't have sufficient water!

The environment had no water due to the large rocks and hills surrounding us. It was always difficult to get water, and of all the things I loved about Efon Alaaye in Ekiti State, water was not part.

We really valued rain water and used the water for so many things, from washing of clothes to washing of bathroom, to cooking, to bathing, the only thing we didn't do was drink the rain water, although I am not very sure if some of my colleagues didn't drink it at some point.

We even had days we took kegs to nearby houses that had bore-holes to buy water from them. The water situation was quite terrible.

At some point some of our senior colleagues introduced us to a stream, and that became our spot for washing our clothes. It was a little far from home so fetching water back home was almost impossible, and although we fetched water on some days, it was not the norm.

There was never a day I went there that I don't marvel at the work of God as the water was gushing out of the rocks.

I also learnt a very crucial lesson that I won't ever forget.

Just like that stream keeps flowing either we were going to utilize it or not, so also is God always pouring out things to us, he is always speaking to us and if peradventure we don't hear from him, it wouldn't be His fault but ours.

The same way it would be our fault at the family house if we didn't have water in the house and not the stream's fault so also it wouldn't be God's fault that we don't have some things when we are not properly alligned.

It's easier to keep praying about some things without doing what we need to do to have those prayers answered.

Esther is praying to travel out of the country but amidst all her prayers she doesn't even have an international passport. When there is suddenly an opportunity, there might not be enough time for her to run around for the passport and when she losses out of that opportunity, it isn't going to be God's fault but hers.

Bode is trusting God for a financial breakthrough, he is still working at a firm that he can't wait to get out of but because he can't stay idle, he keeps going there every Monday - Saturday, rather than saving a part of his monthly income every month, he keeps blowing every kobo up every month claiming the money isn't even enough in the first place, why save from it?

Ten months down the line, a friend invites him for a program, as the facilitator was talking, he suddenly saw light in what he was saying and he knows this is an answer to his prayers and he strongly feels this is what God would have him do.

Then there comes a challenge, he doesn't have the capital to excute this business idea. When he looses out of that business idea, will it be God's fault or yours?

Just like it wouldn't be the stream's fault if we didn't have water in the house, so also some things that happens are not all God's dealings but our inability to get properly in line.

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