by - January 30, 2020

Creating out time for God amidst our daily life is something that can be quite challenging especially when you have a lot of things on your plate per day and just creating time to talk to God looks like a lot of work.

Most times, regardless of how much we just want to create out time for God, we just find out that we just still can't.

There are days you feel that the hours you have in a day isn't even sufficient anymore, how much more creating out time to talk to God.

So, how then can you still be productive while not neglecting our relationship with God?

- Utilize Any  Spare Time You Have
While we can't just depend on our spare time to commune with our Father, but if we want to be sincere with ourselves, rather than stabbing devotion everyday of the week while giving the excuse that we do not have time, we can choose to use every idle time of ours to report back to base.

It's worthy to note that just like a drop of water makes a mighty ocean so also it is when we decide to come before him, 10 minutes today, 20 minutes of undivided attention tommorow, another 15 minutes the day after, all this time when used to to commune with God can mean a lot.

Some of our life are as chocked up as it can be with diverse things seeking our attention, but we have to make out time for the lover of our soul.

- Take Prayer Breaks
It might be every three hours interval within the day, set your alarm let's say from six when you wake up, you say a prayer for about five minutes, by the time your alarm goes off by 9am reminding you of your prayer appointment you pray again, and you continue till 9pm, if you consistently do this over a period of time, very soon you won't need an alarm to remind you.

Do this and watch your life improve.

During your normal routine at work, as you move from one department to another, talk to God!

- Value Your Weekends

If you do a 9-5 from Monday - Friday, due to the stress of the day, it's possible not to spend enough time in the study of the word and prayer,  but then we have the gift of Weekends.

It is not every weekend that is meant for party or hanging out with friends, those things have their place but schedule time to spend great time with God on weekends just loving up on Him unlike during the week when you have an appointment to keep, or when a colleague calls you there is terrible traffic on your way to work and you have to hurry out of the house.

- Utilize Your Bus Time

Often time than not, we get to those places (either work or school) via transport, and depending on the mode, either you're driving yourself or you're being driven, there are some things we can still make good use of that time. 

Are you driving? then you can try this

Listen to a sermon or podcast
Pray either in understanding or in the holy Ghost
Listen to an audio bible
Listen to uplifting songs

Are you on a public bus or someone is driving? then you can try this
Same as someone who is driving, but now you get to
Read your bible
Read a christian book and higlight with a marker or even make notes.

- Belong To A Community Of Passionate People

A community of passionate people is simply a tribe of people who are as devoted to God as you are.

On this journey, there are times when you won't feel like it, but this community/tribe are people who will strengthen you on weak days.

Your community does not necessarily have to be thirty or forty peole, it can just be you and someone and then getting to three or four, just find that tribe, friends that can bear you up in your down days, and people you can do same for.

This journey although a personal race can also be effective when you have people spuring you on this faith walk, people who are as committed to God as you are or who are even on another level higher than yours.

Meetings with such people either online or on-the-site can be what you need to re-ignite that fire in your heart for God.

Yours might be a monthly breakfast meeting your church has every month, yours might be an online group, but in all you do, don't be void of people who are chasing after God as you are or even more.

It's so possible to make out time for God irrespective of our busy schedule.

Do you have other ways you stay connected with God amidst your busy life? We'll love to read from you. 

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